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Is Interactive-Educational Toys Worth?

personally, i dunno. but i 'think' it is subject to how (style) a parent grow the babies up. however, we are among the group who believe that 'in today's life, all unneccessary becomes neccessary cos your neighbours say so'. does it make sense?

world economic depends on consumerisme. when the purchasing power decreases, concurrently it will paralyse the stores, and manufactures. these businessmen, as smart as they can be, will do anything to get the purchasing power grows.

they knew that parents will do anything to the kids, so they use this as a strong weapon to make people think that they're doing an 'investment' by buying any so-called educational, development, interactive (whatever the names are) stuffs to their children. they're actually using our kids to dig our pockets.

to the extent that, there are mothers who think "poor my baby... he may not developes like other babies cos i can't afford those expensive educational toys".

to me (cos i can't afford too), toy is toy. anything can be toy, if we make it a toy. we have lots of things to play with, at home, and they'll never stop our children to be creative. don't feel sorry for not able to have a playground at home, cos our home is a big playground.

yes, educational toy maybe helps to boost lil' kids' skills, intelligent, etc. but if we have not enough resources (money, etc.), don't buy what the advert/others say. better put the extra money in the children's future education fund. for the time being, choose the simple rule of:

1. Parents
2. Children
3. Time
4. Love

remember that now the marketers are bringing up the unessential to be essential, then it will look so essential.