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Frequent Traveller

are you in Miri or KL? are the FAQ nowadays. this is how we run our life since four months ago, when i accepted the offer to involve in a project which requires me to be in KL.

it was fun travelling, until we are entering this very third trimester, it sometimes very tiring. since i was pregnant, i have to take a day of sick leave after touching down LL because it's so exhausting after that 2.5 hours flying.

and with this i-cant-stop-myself Hafiy, oh you bet how fatigue i could be. during our flight to Miri last time, he refused to sit and i have to follow him all the time, running here and there along the narrow plane's isle. it was night flight so i have to watch him all the time or he would disturb other's sleep when he liked to touch and say hi to those passengers.

but this never be a reason for me to leave him anymore :) i just want my babies to be with me all the time rather than feeling regret like in my previous trip.

if possible, i want to get excuse from attending next week's meeting and training but it's my responsibility to be there since i am the representative for my office. and i have no reason to not attending it just because i am pregnant.

i don't know how people see someone like me coping with our life. i don't have much choice or be demanding because i am very new in this field (yes boss?) and most importantly i need a job to help Abiy raising our family. makan gaji macam ni lah.

i hope this will grow myself and my kids to be tougher because they are different than other kids who are comfortably stationed in their own crib while my kids have to follow the world demand. even if i am not on this nature of job attachment, they will also have to fly with me because i am breastfeeding them (if i could find a good babysitter).

when will all this things ends because i am very tired. i want to live as a normal mother and wife in one house with my family.. [macamlah Mami sorang dlm Malaysia yang kena travel & be a monthly wife :P].

(Abiy might not agree with this writing but just take this as the third trimester blues).