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Hafiy's Fine Motor Activity

being a one-year old boy is a very exciting moment for Hafiy. as now he can mobilise himself, he likes to go anywhere in the house, especially to the kitchen and upstairs, finding Mommy. he undergoes a huge change, from crawling to walking/running, and perhaps, many things those were in his dream before, now he can grab them.

i think he's now having lots of fun in his own world. even if he never wanna shows his ability to me (why toddlers nowadays alway like to 'hide' their talents from parents?) but i'm sure he's having fun everyday. and lucky the Bibik is not only feeding and washing him, but also 'teaching' him on daily good manners, such as salam, doa, solat, etc. & playing with his blocks and rings. and she put some target on what Hafiy should reach at certain age, i.e. should be able to walk at 12 months (yes, he did at 11 months!). now Bibik's target is, Hafiy should able to talk by 18 month. so, we wait and see! my target? adela... (sometimes i feel 'sayang' plak kat Bibik ni, despite lots and lots of complaints :P)

as a toddler, he likes to tear things! i used to give him old magazine to tear and bite, but as he grows up we changed it to board book and pull-up book. but he does not like board book (because nobody in the house reading boardbook!) & now all the pull-up things is gone.. hehe.

lucky we bought this during sale. dah tak cukup sifat now.

because of that, i bought a knob-puzzle board. but as a 1-yeor-old, he's still fighting with the fitting into the slots. and i have to join him all the time to ensure his motivation is always up, cos he gets easily bored if unsuccessfully doing something. same goes with the form-fitter.

but he has his own favourite things to do. screw and unscrew cap/lid. but he still don't do it for balang kuih raya :P he used to addict to empty containers such as lotion, moisturiser and even his milk bottles. but now he changes to 'unempty' bottles, like this one:

and this have to be 'pantau'ed all the time cos he will end up licking the roller. yuck!

of course i want him to do something else as well, but look like he enjoys the bottles/containers very much. so, rather than spoiling his mood for something i want him to do, i better let him doing what he likes to do. even if i have to wake up at the middle of the night because he wants to unscrew my deodorant!

even if the activities look so simple, but it is stimulating his fine motor skill. fine motor skillsis crucial, because it may not only involve the fingers but only coordination with eyes and brain. babies use these skill since birth, as they started to use their sight. and as they grow up, this skill shall be enhanced to help them in their future-independent activities such as eating, dressing, writing, etc.

try to varies the activities as much as you can but don't underestimate if your children refuse to play with other things (Hafiy is a screw-unscrewing addict!), because as simple activity as clapping hands is actually stimulating their fine motor!