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when talking about motherhood, parenting and things relate to it, i feel so humble. i am only a so-and-so mother. i don't make a supermom. i don't have anything to be proud of, as a mother myself.

i can't provide the world's best things to my kids. i don't have high intelligence to see them in different angle, than what i am seeing them today. when i do someting on my kids, i don't know whether they're happy. i have not enough courage to push myself, to be what i should. i can't do what other mothers did.

sometimes i feel so low, especially when putting myself among other mothers. i feel so lousy, and been left far behind them. my day is keep on running but i'm still standing at the same point. i have nothing to be proud of, for being a mother.

but when looking at them, to kiss their cheeks, to hear them breathes, to smell their natural fragrants, to hug them close... i knew i did a great job!

afterall, becoming a mother is the greatest job ever!

*yesterday we met mother bloggers & other bloggers at Ryan birtday bash. what a day! till we meet again! (stories at Aunty Yaya's & Aunty Nannoor's blog).