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Make Profit From Your Credit Card

not everyone 'affords' to have credit cards for it has a huge buying power. remember credit card ads those promote a you-can-afford-anything kind of expenditure, with immediate credit limit increases, etc. for some people, this just a hanging rope or like putting sword at their own throat, due to incompetency in handling the buying will.

but for us, credit card is our friend. we use it in almost all transaction at the cashier counter. we rarely keep cash in our pocket and use it only at the counters where credit card payment are not available, or where they set the minimum limit of transaction.

im not kidding when i say, we are actually making profit from credit card usage. we got our house's electrical equipment, fuel coupon, movie ticket, etc. at zero or minimum cost.

how to be a smart credit card user and benefited by it:

1. never treat credit card as a leverage on other people's money cos it's your money.
2. record all your expenses and set your limit goal to pay using credit card.
3. pay all your bills on time.
4. minimize cash in your wallet, for emergency purpose only.
5. choose credit card that give you the most for reasonable points.

and the most important part is, change your mindset to be an effective spender, not a effective 'swiper'. it's a good feeling when we receive monthly bill by smiling to the points we collect rather than sighing on our total higher-than-our-monthly-salary balance :D