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My Miracles

it has been a week since i left Hafiy with Tok Ma in KL. rindu??? mana boleh tak!!! everynite Mami kene tengok gamba2 Hafiy. pastu call Hafiy (ni Hafiy request, if tak, Hafiy tak senang duduk).

since then, Adik started to move very actively (before this like lazy2 je). Mommy noticed that when we're with Abang Hafiy, Adik didn't move like this la. the movement became so obvious (until i could see the waves on my tummy) since we went to Sibu. could be Adik was very happy to see Abiy, and alone with Mommy and Abiy? :P

when looking at Hafiy's pics, i feel like years. how i miss to cuddle him to sleep everynight while breastfeeding him. and having him pulling my hair and ears to wake up everymorning.

Hafiy beraya. no songkok, no samping.

*please excuse the messy room.

macamana nak buka botol ni?


wow! what a huge wheely! so big my car's tyres never can beat.

what did Mommy put on her face?

rasa macam magic je. time flies too fast until Mommy failed to catch up lots of things. career, personality, my visions&missions, family, children... and lots more... i'm still running to run through and be in line with all the things. ooh my...

sometimes i ask myself, when can i be a good Mommy? selalu tak dapat spend quality time with my own children. i dont want to blame my job, cos other moms also FTWM, yet they manage to do everything with their kids (i'm not that busy pun). even i don't jahit menjahit like Mommy Adam pun... but nape takde time?

nevertheless, i wanna make sure Hafiy can master some early practical life skills (which a 12-MO toddler could have lah, (according to my doc-to-be sister) i never expect too high), what i have in my list (he already has the basic, but yet not systematic):
- washing hands
- washing face
- brushing teeth
- use napkin to dab his mouth
- feeding self
- screwing and unscrewing lid
- walking up and down stairs (some asked us to put safety gate, but i prefer him to learn the skill)
- scribbling
- neatening his belongings

i hope we're (Abiy & i) gonna have more time to show him the right ways to do all those things (even if he WILL say NO to any attempt to assist, is my boy a self-learner?). *this is a silent message to my bosses, that all of us have to stay together as a family.

and introducing....

Abiy said Adik (my tummy) looks tooo big for 5 months.