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Got Milk During Pregnancy

Being pregnant makes a significant hormonal change in a woman.

- HCG hormone boosts up during the early weeks and decline as the placenta properly functions (from there you can get the second line in UPT kit).
- estrogen and progesterone level incline throughout the pregnancy.
- high estrogen level drives prolactin to works for the preparation to breastfeed. some moms-2-b find out their breast are already 'leak'.

some common FAQ about milking during pregnancy:
1. Is it normal? YES.
2. does it mean that i will have enough milk for my baby? ABSOLUTELY YES.
3. my milk still doesn't come but i am 9 month already. can i breastfeed? ABSOLUTELY YES!!
4. i dont have milk when i pregnant. that makes i'm unsure about breastfeeding. MILK OR NO MILK DURING PREGNANCY IS VERY INSIGNIFICANT TO DETERMINE WEATHER U CAN BF OR NOT.

during pregnancy (see the point above), 'milk factory' drove by estrogen. either it is leak or not, as long as the mother has breasts and all breast tissues those involve in breastfeeding, the factory is already working!

after the baby delivery, as soon as the placenta get off, estrogen and progesterone level decline to the normal level. this time, prolactin and milk factory works without push factor from estrogen anymore, but the baby's demand. that's why breast and nipple stimulation from baby's sucking is vital for milk development, wether the mother had 'milk leakage' or not.

milk during pregnancy and after delivery are slightly different (different causes, different factors, different drivers..). all healthy mothers (no problem with health, hormone, anatomy, etc) are able to breastfeed regardless what happen during pregnancy. most mothers have their breast 'empty' for the first few days after delivery, but as that is what has been 'wrote' by Allah SWT, the condition won't make any baby die of starving, as the little drop of colostrum will be enough to fill that little stomach.

Happy Breastfeeding!