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What's His Learning Style?

i always like to have a glance on other moms' styles of teaching, on how do they teach and what do they teach their children at home. as nowadays most of us are FTWM (full time working moms), but those who still able to provide their kids with some lesson sessions at home, either on academic or non-academic, are really really marvellous.

Abiy and i like to discuss about children's schooling (even if still long way to go). of course we want to send our kids to the best school, even for kindergarten. but, what make me worry about schooling is, two things; 1) the curriculum 2) the school kids' behavior. for no 1),sending our kids to school meaning we have to follow what the school curriculum says. have you ever see a 2nd grader pupil who's not able to read? to me he's not a dumb, 'lemah', slow, etc. but the one-size-fits-all school curriculum doesn't match his learning style.

and no 2), i still remember during my kindy time. i home, my mom didn't allow any dirty word, including calling 'aku' (i) and 'mu' (you) [even if they're not dirty words] when talking to others,especially my sister. so we are called by our name, and talk to our friends using 'saya' and 'awak'. but, during schooling, i learned sooo many dirty-words, mostly from my classmates. and i started to called my sister "b*ruk" everytime we had fight. and from friends, i knew about male-female intercourse (even if not sure about the purpose).

should i put an expectation, i send my child to kindy and when he comes back, he'll call his brother "b*ruk?" and show a report card written 'too playful & don't concentrate in class'.

however, we have no other choice than sending everyone of them to the public schools. so i told Abiy that we should not rely to any school to provide our children true education. they might learn Maths, Science, History, etc. in school, but the true education for me is the ethic they show in their daily life. what is the value of a 'Math guru' but doesn't know how to interact with others? i know that education ministry is doing their best to provide the best education for every Malaysians kid, but as i come from that 'field' as well, all that i learnt in school was for exam's sake.

and what's happening in public schools make me scare! put aside the bully and play truant case cos they're not new. look at free sex, gangs, etc.. oh my.. are those the youngsters who are gonna take care of the future of my country???

but since Hafiy is still too young, we reserve the case. who know later Malaysian kids changes to be more well-mannered.

for now we're observing his learning styles. i found out that Hafiy learns fast via observation. he's also an independent learner, and never allow us to 'teach' him how to do this and that. long ago, i taught him how to use spoon to feed himself, but he seemed like not interested, and he didn't like to feed himself. so i just let him be, even if i felt a bit disappointing because most babies at his age could feed themselves. but now i am witnessing he's eating by himself, using spoon or his hands. and he's even get angry if i try to 'teach' him, seems like saying "i know how to do it, Mommy. you don't have to demostrate it many times".

kids learn in different ways, and from Hafiy i learned that pushing them too hard is just not smart enough. and it is beneficial if we learn their learning style. as everyone has different learning styles, and it is actually mix up of 7 styles, and with different concentration in each. generally, from studies, human learning styles are, visual-spatial, auditory-musical, linguistic, physical-kinesthetic, logical-mathematical, interpersonal and intrapersonal.

conservative teaching method usually use liguistic and logical. that's might be the answer for why a second grader still can't read. because in school we are taught by reading, repetition and exam to grade us! (with co-cu classes, students have chances to practice their preference, but how many students are actually go to co-cu classes?).

i really envy to those moms who have time to teach their kids at home (SAHMs, perhaps?) because i presume that they have ample time to learn about their kids, and match it with the most suitable method that their kids are into.

some kids might be just OK with linguistic approach, but some might just restless and can't stay put to focus on what they are doing. some might want to use their physical and sense of touch to learn about something. and some kids might learn better in solitary rather than in a group. who will have time to figure out this, if not the parents?

thank you Hafiy for making me realise that there is no one-size-fits-all. as he grew up, he can't spend time on books or flashcards or even toys. he's just so restless. at first i thought he has problem to focus. and that gave me some feeling of dissappointing, because i can't handle my own child while others are enjoy with their learning session at home. but later then i learned that it is just his style. and he's just a baby summore, he has lots of curiousity about everything. i let him learn in his own way, by constantly showing the right things. and i am so proud when he knows to eat by himself, knows his shirt, tidy up his toys, wipes his mouth and face and so on. he might a bit late than others, but i never mind about it. after all, everything is just theory, and it is still fall in the parent's gut about what's the best for the children.

i hope i have time to observe more on my kids behaviour and find the best way to give them courage to boost up their potential, rather than looking at other moms and other kids methods and styles, and feel disappointed because i failed to do what they do and my children are not as smart as other kids. it's not their fault but could be my incorrect approach in guiding them.