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Tragedi Mei Tai

the how:

L: in standing position for takbiratul ihram & al-Fatihah. one hand holds baby, one hand to takbir & put below chest (if possible).
R: ruku'. hold (hug) the baby with both hands.

L: sujud with baby. one hand holds baby, one hand on the floor
M: sujud with baby at sides. put the baby beside you & perform sujud
R: in sitting position for duduk antara 2 sujud & tahiyat

REMARK: the baby's position is depend on the way you carry the baby outside solat.

what happened in May (at 7 month) a special dedication to Auntie Sarah (get well soon):

1. Hafiy met Mak Ngah FOR THE FIRST TIME! (she just came back from Manipal,India)

sape lebih huduh?

2. Hafiy met Adam.

"eh awak! awak! kamera!"
"apehal mamat ni?"

"Abiy tolong, ada orang nak rompak kamera saya!"
"apeke hey nye anak pakcik ni?"
"tadek sapa nk rompak kamu nye, tu kamera kamu tetinggal kt situlah"

3. Hafiy caught fever 2 times. however, upon the recovery, Hafiy achieved these, very the sudden:-

budak demam
  • crawl!
  • stand by himself (support by chair, Mommy's legs, etc.)
  • walk on 1st step walker
  • eat papaya, banana & other fruits w/o lenyek2. he mashed 'em with his gum
  • climb
  • terjun tiruk
  • call "MAMA!"
4. Abiy bought walker. but Hafiy hate it until today.

please get me out of here!

5. Hafiy's hobbies

selerakkan, cabut &makan playmat

makan buku biar bangat pandai

main dgn segala menda tali termasuk tali pinggang, tali seluar Mami & talipon

panjat Mami


koyak buku! bergaya je lebih pastu habeh kene cabut benda2 yg bole dicabut.

6. Funtime together

kena buli

Mami beli kat Servay je Hafiy nih

7. Mommy lost another.. 2kgs! wow! so it made me 45KG now! yahhuuuu!

this morning, Mommy read a book & i gave Hafiy a baby book to play with. i didn't pay much attention on him cos i was totally captured by the book i read. he came to me and climbed. i tot he didn't interested on book. however, after i surrendered my reading, Hafiy got to my book and opened it up.

he just want our things! (it's a norm for babies and little kids to imitate their parents)

that's why i don't give him baby porridge, puree etc. i bake avocado, sweet potato, pumpkin, potato, etc. and give him in their perfect shapes, and 'raw', mild & pleasant fruits like banana & papaya, for him to enjoy. as long as the fruits are gentle enough & he can mash with his gum, i don't afraid of choking (but the mealtime still have to be under full adult's observation!). 'brickly' fruits like pear or apple, not in the list yet. he might choke!

eat my baby Hafiy, eat! grow my baby Hafiy, grow!