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Mommy & Hypotension

having slightly low blood pressure (BP) is not new to me. since i was in primary school, i couldn't barely standing still for more than 5 minutes. i always faint during perbarisan, and sometimes even during nasyid competition. huh.

the worst experience was during my internship, i was bicycling in the gas plant with an engineer, suddenly i was blackout while still riding the bike. tergolek dog kat plant tu. i got swollen lips, bruises all over my body and scratched safety glass. i went to a clinic after having dinner and the doctor was 'shock' telling my BP was low (couldn't remember) and my blood sugar also low (about 3.0 i guess, normal is 5.0). he said "you tak makan ka?" i said "i just have my dinner" and he what kinda 'are you sure?' then he said "you glucose level is very low even if after dinner. please eat more". huhuh. and i was 45 kg that time.

my BP is not always at the low region, it is normal but slightly low and sometimes can be lower. severely low BP is when your BP is lower than 90/60. >normal BP is 120/80 or lower, pre-hyper 120-139/80-89, hypertension 140/90 or higher. the upper reading is systolic pressure : pressure generates by heart when pumping the blood. the lower reading is diastolic pressure : pressure of arteries when heart is resting between beats.

checked the symptom2 of low BP i experienced:

- giddy & light headed
- always fatigue
- faint
- lack of concentration, lost focus
- shallow breathing
- thristy
- blurred vision, especially when getting up suddenly

lately, to be precise, since the past 3 months, the symptom was very obvious. i even couldn't get up several night for severe headache and fatigue. i went to clinics several times and most of the time, doctors said "stress kerja" huh! but finally i went to Colombia Asia last month, the doctor suspected i have some problem with my period (since it was very2 heavy ever) and he asked me to refer to the gynae. but the panel doctor refused to refer me yet, until i have my period again and she could see my condition. oh it has been 2 month without period!

the Colombia Asia doctor suspected i'm having problem with my reproductive organ, bcos of the very heavy period. that's why he asked me to see the gynae.

i'm trying to find the cause of my low BP, at least recently.
- not enough rest : 6 hours sleep is not enough???
- stress : could be, but why only now? i even 'stresser' last year.
- pregnancy : i dont think so!!! very the impossible...
- medication : i dont take any.
- blood loss : if i'm having period, it could be but i missed it for 2 months oredy!
- blood stream infection : i am healthy.
- nutritional deficiency : if this happened 2 years ago, this might be the cause. but now i'm taking supplement...
- dehydration : has possibility... i dont watch my fluid intake lately... (but how come for 3 months???)
- overactive thyroid : oh i dunno. if this is the cause, i'm sure doctor will tell me when it is really2 severe.
- heart problem : this one osso i think i could know when 'i have another 6 months to live'.

for now since i'm not diagnosed with anything, so they don't provide me any medication or even any tips, i just do my self-care & treatment.
- more water : get back into my 4L a day-water intake.
- increase salt : my Mom asked me to take asam boi. salt will increase the blood pressure, dramatically but have to ensure not too much!
>- eat frequently : adding kudap2 time while working. hahah.

i hope my low BP symptom will go away. handling a little baby, plus BFing while the body is not fit enough is completely wearing me out. but i'm still happy at least the milk production is still OK la..

i hope my next visit to any doctor will tell me something new than "tak cukup tido...","stress keje"..

whatever... as long as there's enough supply for me.