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Want It Or Not

i remember once i got a message from someone telling that she had problem with BFing her baby. the baby always cried and seemed like 'tak cukup susu', and the stomach rumbling like always hungry. she asked whether is it OK if she gives her baby FM?

i told her that i thought that was not sign of 'tak cukup susu' but 'terlebih susu'. i asked weather she went to paed or refer the problem to any LC. she said no, but she was soooo tempted to give FM. i told her the baby might had lactose intolerance or lactose overload, and giving other than BM will definitely increase the problem.

however, i didnt know what she did cos she stop messaging then after saying "u sedapla cakap u tak rasa...". but i'm pretty sure she just called to get support from somebody who could say "OK! then give FM to your baby!". but unfortunately she rang a wrong bell :P

if only she had the gut to continue BF and read something like these...

Lactose overload can mimic lactose intolerance, and is frequently mistaken for it. An overload is commonly seen in babies consuming large amounts of breastmilk, ie in mothers with an oversupply. This may result in symptoms such as an unsettled baby with adequate to large weight gains, more than ten wet and many dirty nappies in 24 hours. Baby is usually less than three months old. Ironically, a mother may perceive that she has a low supply because her baby always seems to be hungry. The nappy count can be the biggest clue to what's happening. What comes out the bottom must have gone in the top!

Lactose is the sugar in all mammalian milks. It is produced in the breast and is independent of the mother's consumption of lactose. It is present in a constant concentration in breastmilk. Foremilk, the milk the baby gets when he first starts to feed, does not contain more lactose than hindmilk, but it does contain less fat. Lactase is the enzyme that is required to digest lactose. Lactose intolerance arises when a person does not produce this enzyme (or does not produce enough) and is therefore unable to digest lactose. - ABA

BFing is not only about selaking baju to nurse the baby or about expressing it, there are vasts of things to learn, especially the behavior of BF babies. i found some mommies who, 'baby tak berak for days, tak cukup susu...', 'baby menangis je, tak cukup susu...', etc (other than it really is). if only they knew what other BF moms knew... (however, there some lucky BF moms who don't have to know all those but they can BF. bravo!)...

among the things about baby that a mom-to-be or mom who want to BF should knows:
- the pee & poo pattern.
- the weight gain
- newborns behavior - especially on why they cry?, etc.
- what is baby's need? of course he doesnt need food all the time!
- mom's behavior that affect breastmilk (quality & quantity) - what mom eats, mom's rest & sleep, state of mind...

read bout what every nursing mother should know

breastfeeding is natural, but it takes practice. and lots of knowledge too. i think not only a BF mom, but also every first mom should learn about baby... and even if you couldn't, get help from the experts, especially the paeds. the www also provides lots and lots of infos, but make sure you step into the right site :D

"kenapa Mami suka buli Hafiy?!!"
"sebab Mami kan Mak..."