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Tandem Nursing : A Choice

thank you for all the CONGRATS wishes!

i need more than a day to accept the truth that i'm expecting, again :) oh i planned to be in pregnant mode at least after Hafiy is 2 YO. but we just planned.. :) but i'm very happy cos i got my target weight of 45kg!

the nite that i went to the panel doctor to check my BP, i said to Abiy "i dunno what makes my BP so low lately. i eat so much, plus the supplement. could it be, because i'm pregnant?" Abiy replied "it is impossible"(with kambing grin). but we went to Guardian at Bintang, just hoping it was negative so that we can proceed to any treatment or medication to bring my BP back to normal.

the test kit was safely preserved in my bag for 2 days. but on Friday morning, i just 'did' the test bcos Abiy's going to Lumut on Saturday, and maybe for a week. so anything, i wan't gonna face it alone.

and there it goes...

we went again to the clinic that nite, to confirm. yeah i am pregnant! but how many months, how many weeks, i can't tell the exact. i felt the symptoms since 3 months ago, i missed my period for 2 months, and the panel doctor wrote 5/52 in my referral letter, meaning i am only 5 week. so, wait until i see the gynae, when Abiy's back from Malaya.

the first thing Abiy asked me after i showed him the 2 lines kit was "nanti Hafiy kene bagi formula ke? kan sian Mami sakit2 & tak larat".
i told him that i WILL continue breastfeeding Hafiy despite the pregnancy, as long as ia tidak memudaratkan Mommy & adik.

and yes, it's the decision i HAVE TO make because not everybody agrees (nor educated) about tandem nursing.

i got some responses about breastfeeding during pregnancy:
my fren A : "so Hafiy nanti nak kasik formula la?"
my fren B : "wean la Hafiy kan?"
Bibik : "sudah ada isi, tak payahlah menyusu lagi"

but my answer was like what i told Abiy, except Bibik i said "doktor kata tak apa.." (satu cara tutup mulut utk makcik2 begitu ialah ckp 'doktor kata..'). but i'm not lying to her cos my gynae's wife, Dr Awang, did tandem nursing and just stop the BF during the birth.

i think tandem nursing is unusual in our region, since many moms i knew will stop BFing the elder child when having a new ones. actually, this is very personal and nursing two at a time is definitely challenging. there's some myths about tandem nursing:-
- pregnant ladies shouldn't breastfeed.
- the nutrient is imbalance since it has to adjust for 2 different ages babies.
- the newborn deserve the milk.
- mom will malnutrition for 'sharing' with the other two.
- BF won't benefit the elder child.
- etc.

as long as tidak memudaratkan, either me or the little one here, insya-Allah i will continue breastfeeding.

There is no evidence to suggest that nursing while pregnant endangers the fetus during a normal pregnancy. If a mother has previously delivered a premature baby, develops signs of pre-term labor, or is carrying multiples, there is concern that a hormone released during lactation (oxytocin) may stimulate contractions and trigger a premature labor. In these special situations, mothers are often advised to wean their older child. Research suggests that the uterus is not receptive to hormonal stimulation from oxytocin until around 24 weeks gestation, so it is generally safe to consider nursing until about 20 weeks, even in these special situations. There is almost never a need to wean abruptly during pregnancy.

Nursing during pregnancy will not deprive the fetus of essential nutrients, and will not create a harmful "drain" on the mother's body. During pregnancy, it is always important to eat nutritiously, gain weight appropriately, and get adequate rest. A well-nourished mother should have no problem providing enough nutrients for both her unborn baby and her nursing child. Breastfeeding provides several opportunities each day for the expectant mother to take breaks and rest while her toddler nurses or naps.

this is really tough. right now even i have to strengthen my determination to tandem nurse, since the B become so tender lately and often sooooo painful. and i start to feel so-called morning sickness. oh i hope it will over very soon! Abiy's role is very important now to encourage me to continue nursing Hafiy until he is at least 2 YO, or until he's willingly wean himself off.

yeah this is a very personal decision to made. hopefully, adik Hafiy is as strong as his/her brother, and willing to share... :P maybe this is why He chose me to get pregnant even before my first child is 2YO, He wants me to tandem nurse!