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Avent Isis Uno : A Review

i've been using avent isis uno for 8 month and half. oh sure i love this pump very much. we bought it 5 month before Hafiy was born. oh i didnt just get into any shop and take any breastpump i found, but we made some so-called 'feasibility studies', especially on which one is the best pump for me.

before decided to buy any pump, i just listed down the criteria those i preferred: 1. must be small, simple & mobile. 2. not so many parts to assemble. 3. multipurpose, can use battery, electronic & manual. 4. cute & sweet.

oh i bet avent isis uno really suits me! the best part is since it is electronic so i dont have to work my hand to pump, and also the battery pack allow me to pump without power supply, and i also can use the manual if i want to.

i dont want to compare the amount of milk expressed cos i believe the let down comes from many factors, and pump type is just one of it. some moms have very fast let down even if without sophisticated pump (or even without pump, just by hand) while some are with slow let down even if with the most expensive-sophisticated pump. and with double pump also incomparable since it works so differently.

avent isis uno has one-button-controlled, where i can just use one single thing to start the let down, and continue pumping. and with all controls on my hand, i can make the IQ motor 'records' my pumping rhythm for the rest of the session. for me it works best when I apply a little pressure and hold it for some seconds as the milk flows.

and with its single touch button oh it's so eaaaasy i can even handle it without looking at it. and it can record my last pumping rhythm, and i haven't reset my rhythm for weeks. it is so personalized!

however, it doesn't actually mimic the pumping speed well. sometimes i have to re-adjust it several times to get my desirable pumping rhythm. and the suction is not as strong as manual, i guess only about 80%, but to me it's not a big deal, as long as i can rileks2 while pumping :D

the battery pack is so wonderful as well. but have to use the most powerful AA sized battery or you'll not able to finish any session :P usually i use this battery when pumping in the car, or any place without power supply. and it doesn't need any additional part, just attach the battery pack to the IQ motor.

it is not noisy, but yet it is not quiet. i haven't see anyone who's using other brand so i can't compare the noise. but it is enough to make Abiy knows that i'm pumping while he's also in the surau.

for moms who like single pumping, i think avent isis uno is something good to consider. it is a bit pricey, but it's worth it!

if you like online shopping, you can get it here, at LittleWhiz.com. just go to FEEDING -> BREASTFEEDING -> BREASTPUMP

or go to the nearest store/baby boutique those sell Avent products

saya pun sukakannya! ;)