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Teach Children About Islam

everychild born in a state of purify, or in Arabic called fitrah. as what had been said by our Prophet in his sabda "setiap bayi yg dilahirkan dalam keadaan fitrah (seperti kain putih), maka kedua ibu bapanyalah yang menjadikannya Yahudi, Nasrani atau Majusi" - HR Bukhari & Muslim. how to teach our kids about Islam? is sending them to Islamic school enough?

one Arabic poem said that "a mom is a school" (al-ummu al-madrasah). just wanna share with those who did not take Arabic, erti madrasah asalnya dari perkataan darasa bermaksud ajar. kata terbitannya seperti mudarris=pengajar, mudarrasun = subjek yg di ajar, tadris = pengajaran, madrasah=tempat belajar/sekolah. sending to Islamic school/kindergarten, etc. is only a small part (but still important) in Islamic education. to prove that a mom is a school, the BEST place of learning about Islam to these children is at home and the BEST teachers are the parents.

we don't need any resources or even any cent to teach them about Islam. since Islam is the way of life, we should not pay big amount, it's just by:-

role model
the reason why Allah sent prophets to us in form of human like us is to be role models. it is the most effective way of teaching, as in al-Quran, we are asked to practice what we preach, meaning that, by saying alone can never be an effective way of teaching and learning.

to teach them to pray, we pray first.
to teach them to recite Quran, we recite Quran first.
to teach them to fast, we fast first.
to teach them good manners, we practice good manners first.

celebrate Islam big days
what are big days in Islam? Aidil Fitri & Aidil Adha? other than those 2 harirayas, there are many big days that most of us might not appreciate (other than it is a holiday) as we appreciate hari rayas. it must be fun if we can create something to celebrate other Islamic big days with our kids. e.g.
Friday = saidul yaum (penghulu hari)
Awal Muharam = maal Hijrah - this symbolises 2 main event, the journey of Rasulullah & umat Islam from Mekah to Madinah
Maulidurrasul = the birth of Nabi Muhammad SAW - it was a riwayat saying that, anybody who celebrates the birthday of Rasululullah will be given big reward. even Abu Jahal (Rasulullah's Uncle who opposed him) gets water to drink as big as the hole on this thumb in Jahannam, because he celebrated Rasulullah's birthday.
Israk Mikraj = when Rasulullah was Israk from Masjidilharam to Masjidil Aqsa & Mikraj from Masjidil Aqsa to Sidratul Muntaha.
Awal Ramadhan = a fest to celebrate Ramadhan, a month of fasting, which in not common in our country.
etc. (will blog later about the details)

get to know Islamic countries
our children should be taught that Islam is syumul and universal. thus, all Muslims are brothers. taught them about other Islamic countries especially where our brothers are threatened, such as Palestin. and also get them know about Zionis, what is the difference between Zionis & Jew, etc.

teach them the beauty about Allah's creation
we don't have to go somewhere farther, it's just around us. tell them about their bodies, why are the hands like this and legs like that, etc.
if we go out, take time to fell and touch about anything we see, and talk to them the wonder about all those...

tell them stories about Allah, Prophets, Angles, etc.
hmm.. i don't have dedicated time to tell them stories & i don't use book to read them bedtime story neither. while BFing to sleep, i tell them stories i remember.

integrate Islam into life
often, when we parents think about teaching children about Islam, is about the rituals; salat, fasting, etc. don't forget that Islam is a total way of life, and every aspect has an Islamic element that we need to talk about and demonstrate to them. one example is, when we go to work, usually we'll say "Papa & Mama have to work to earn money so that we can buy you new clothes, etc." but instead, try to say "Papa goes to work because Allah says a good father should do it, and Mama goes to work because Allah says a good wife should help her husband". sound nicer, isn't it?

make al-Quran fun
reciting al-Quran shouldn't be always as 'formal' as every after solat, on the praying mat, to the qiblat, etc. make it fun by chanting it while playing/doing activities with them. Quran should be a part of our daily life and not only for special 'occasions'.

sing Islamic kid's song
i still remember songs taught during my kindergarten. and nowadays lots of songs can be played such as 'I Am A Muslim','A New Kids', or famous songs by Yusof Islam. Hafiy loves those! oh it's no wrong singing twinkle2 little stars OK...this is only part of it.

say doa in everything
don't limit to doa makan, doa tidur, doa belajar, etc. say nice word, and encourage our children to say nice word, as words are doa, and make them aware about it.

tell them stories about Islamic history
tell them about Khulafa' ar-Rasyidin, Umaiyah Emperor, Abasiyah Emperor, Turki Uthmaniyah, Islamic scholars, etc. it must be fun knowing the glittering of early Islam.

dont compartmentalize Islam!
sometimes we just confuse what is Islam, what is not. Islam is COMMON SENSE, and it is always GOOD THINGS. Islam is not on ibadah or the 5 pillars alone. Islam is not a part of our everyday life, but it should be our life. Islam is very complete with everything; daily routines, learn, play, entertainment, rest, etc.

OK those are just few things from my 2cents on how to teach children about Islam, making it fun and not 'something i HAVE TO follow' but 'something i do and follow'. (other moms might want to share their tips those i believe should be BETTER!) i really adore the idea of sending kids to Islamic kindy or school. but to me, our own house should be the first home/school for their Islamic knowledges and practices.

may all of us be THE BEST mothers to mould our children into THE BEST jundullah for the future of our nation and religion. insya-Allah.