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On Daily Trip - Being Preggy is Not A Limit

it has been a week with no new entry from Mommy.

it was a long, busy week. meddlesome office jobs, and dealing with early pregnancy fatigue, i need more sleep!

when i decided to make a daytrip to KL on 4th July, it was somehow brought up debates, among my friends and even Abiy. Abiy suggested to sleep over, but i said, it makes no difference if i sleep over, or come back and sleep at home. if it is at the middle of the week, yes i might sleep over, but since it is Friday, then i have long hours to rest, on my own bed.

it has been a popular taboo since ever, about normal activities a preggy lady shouldn't do. one of it was flying during pregnancy. i've been to many discussion forums, and the most popular question was "can i fly while pregnant?". the answer is, definitely YES.

actually there were some studies done to justify whether a preggy lady is safe travelling via air or not. and the result was, during 1st trimester, most of the subjects went to miscarriage, due to:-
- on air travel
- radiation

however, it wasn't caused by the air travel alone, but the subjects (the flight attendances) are those who works for many hours, and taking long hours flight.

by right, travelling by air during pregnancy is perfectly safe. however, 2nd trimester is the best time, since it is a honeymoon period for most moms-to-be, and there's no risk for miscarriage or preterm labour. somehow, other than dealing with risks to miscarriage and preterm labor, it's also about comfortability. during 1st trimester, usually associate with morning sickness, so it's not advisable for a MTB to travel. and on discomfort during late pregnancy, a MTB should stay on the ground.

my flight was at 0620hrs to KL and 2040hrs back to Miri.

since it was a daytrip, i just brought my backpack and my f2go. the 2.5hours flight was a tiring. oh, even 30mins flight is tiring due to the ungrounded ion our body receives. how to reduce this? i touch the plane's body as i get our of it, before go into the terminal.

i pump 3 times, 2 times at KLCC (thanks to Aunty Zu) and another one at KLIA nursing room. oh sungguh tak selesa sebab mamat2 Bangla keluar masuk the room. i dunno what's on earth they were doing in the room. but since they didn't disturb me, so i just ignore je la.

the do's to travel during pregnancy:
1. consult with the gynae - to ensure you fly with no risk
2. ask for front seat - easy to get in and out
3. get enough rest - before, during & after
4. bring your own food for morning sickness

the dont's:
1. fly on long hours - you might extremely tired
2. high altitude, non pressurised flight - the pressure may cause the oxygen supply to your body, and your baby

additional infos:
1. airport security x-ray scanner is safe
2. EBM (liquid or frozen) is a CAN for domestic flight

tips for a daytrip MTB:
1. manage the time wisely so you won't be in hurry
2. choose good transportation to take you to the airport so that you can rest
3. make sure you'll have time to rest after the flight
4. bring 'mini 1st aid' like balm, minyak panas along
5. keep a pack of cracker & a bottle of water in your bag
6. free yourself from worry

you should not worry too much about your body and baby during pregnancy. a study from a baby charity shows that 90% of preggy moms who let themselves worry too much cause their pregnancy to be affected. being pregnant doesn't require you to stay at home and stop all activities (unless you're dealing with pregnancy discomfort, risk, or advised by your gynae).

don't take pregnancy as a limit. it's a joyful moment!