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I Am 9 Month Old!

how fast time flies... now Hafiy is 9 month old. and at this age, he's a big brother to be :D

he is a great explorer now, but Mommy usually restricts his movement cos i'm not that fit to chase over him (not good). usually he likes to go to the kitchen. nak belajar masak ke? and his other favourite spot is the TV cabinet & under my PC table, main kabel2 (oh bahaya!). now that he can open the TV cabinet doors, play with astrok decoder & sepahkan CDs.

at 9 month,...

1. Mommy & Abiy stop buying new toys. actually, we don't buy it regularly, just once a while when we go back to KL. but this time, i think we better stop for the 'changing lifestyle' and let him learn to appreciate what he has, rather than keep on asking new things to play with.

2. Mommy had a very bad mom days. this fatigue body asked me to sleep all nights (answer for the long silence) and let him watchs TV. oh thanks God he likes to watch talkshows. believe me he'll bising2 suruh tuka channel if there's other show like cartoon, nyanyi2, drama, etc. at least he sees people talking than acting stupid on TV :P (could be good for his language development. hahaha - good excuse).

3. Hafiy had his JE (Japanese Enchapalytis) jab, a compulsory for Sarawak babies. malam Hafiy kena jab, Abiy demam tiba2. hehe.

4. a tong sampah. Mommy don't have to think of 'what should i cook for him?'. i just bake plain food like potatoes & he eats 'em very rakus sekali. i hope he won't be a picky eater. he's on BF diet (he takes only 2-10% solids daily) so i'm not worry about his vitamins deficiency etc. (some ppl might not agree with this :D).

5. makin diam except when he cries. susah sangat nak dengar suara. kalau gelak pun mulut je ternganga2.

6. prefers guy adult than lady adult. but for kids, he likes gurls with long hair. mesti nak kiss2. but girls with short hair/botak, & boy, sorry la. don't touch me OK. i dont like!

i don't care what other babies can do at this age. my baby is unique and he has his own pace. he deserve an award! i think we should not remark our baby as 'biasa saja.. mcm budak2 lain' in front of him (unless when we talk to others for not being 'brag'). he's now better than what he was months ago! we should praise him and don't say "kenapa baby tak bole buat ni lagi? baby X tu dah bole tau!"

i'm not worry about his experience-expectant development, like when he will walk, talk, etc. but my concern is on his experience-dependent, where i think our roles as parents is big. for example his hobby development, good manners, etc. if we fail to show him good thing for him to copy, who will? most important thing is, avoid him to experience negative things those will make him develop negative thinking, & negative behavior toward others.

so how? one of the many ways is to enrich our home. raising these children up in enrichment environment will help them to develop more cortical and neurons connection, thus will help them to grow up 'brighter' (bright to us is able to see world in different aspects & able to gain benefit from it). what is enrichment environment? it's where love is all around...