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When East Meet West

i'm not a book worm. in our shelves, i only have 2 rows of books, while Abiy conquers all, plus the files and barang2 tidak berkaitan dengan buku. but since i found out my budget always burst to the supermarkets' owners, i think i should put some portion into MPH, Popular, Kino or any bookstore owner sometimes. i'm not a smart one so i think i have to read a lot. (sungguh teruk!) all this while i seldomly read books and i hate reading novels. Malays novels are boring, and English novels are too complicated to be understood! (blame my C4 English :P)

i bought this book last week. i recommend that EVERY mom-to-be or mom who want to BF, should have any book about complete guide of breastfeeding or babies. OK you might say that baby caring, breastfeeding are common sense. but, if you don't have any idea about rule of breastfeeding, what will you do when your milk doesn't come out after 1 day of delivery? give your baby FM because you think she's hungry? and if you don't have any idea for why baby cries, will you feed her everytime she cries because you think she's hungry?

in fact, no harm spending money on books. we'll get tax rebate after all.

the best part i like most in this book is the FAQ. i would like to share:

Q: i hear so many stories about women who really wanted to nurse their babies but had to switch to bottle because they didn't have enough milk or they couldn't nurse for some other reasons. how can i be sure this won't happen to me?
A: every healthy woman who has ever had a baby has had milk come into her breasts, and nearly all women can breastfeed when the receive ENCOURAGEMENT, INFORMATION and SUPPORT. the first 2 weeks are crucial. it's important to build your support network and reach out for HELP.

translation ikut suka hati Mami-
S: saya dengar banyak cerita pasal ibu2 yang nak sangat BF tapi kene bagi botol jugak sebab tak cukup susu atau tak bole BF kerana sebab2 lain. macamana nak pastikan ini tak terjadi pada saya?
J: setiap ibu yang sihat yang pernah melahirkan akan mempunyai susu. dan hampir semua ibu bole BF apabila mereka mendapat GALAKAN, MAKLUMAT dan SOKONGAN. 2 minggu pertama adalah time2 yang amat genting. amatlah penting untuk membina jaringan sokongan dan orang yang bole tolong kita bila2 perlu.

Q: my mother didn't have enough milk to nurse me. will i take after her?
A: probably your mom DIDN'T GET enough ENCOURAGEMENT or INFORMATION. the ability to breastfeed is NOT INHERITED, nor it is INSTINCTUAL. women NEED to LEARN how to breastfeed. almost all cases of insufficient milk supply are due to mismanagement of one sort or another and to LACK of encouragement from doctors, hospitals, FAMILY & FRIENDS.

translation ikut suka hati Mami-
S: mak saya tak cukup susu utk BF saya. adakah saya pun nanti macam dia?
J: mungkin mak anda TAK DAPAT GALAKAN dan MAKLUMAT secukupnya. keupayaan untuk BF tidak diwarisi dari mak dan ia tidak semulajadi mencurah2 macam air terjun. seorang wanita PERLU BELAJAR untuk BF. hampir semua kes susu tak cukup ialah sebab tersalah arah kat mana2 atau TAK CUKUP GALAKAN daripada doktor, hospital, keluarga dan kawan2.
***ini writer ni yg cakap tau bukan saya yang cakap... kalau tak betul pegi komplen kat dia.

ok, that's from West and i see Westerns are really2 encourage BFing. even they go for tandem nursing and nurse for more than 2 years. while in our region those things are taboos.

i read several Islamic books about babycare, breastfeeding, but those things mentioned in general. too general. or maybe i didn't find the right book. English books, most of them are compacts, and comprises all topics, in details. hmmm this might explain why most mommies 'assume' that BFing is as easy as eating peanut, cos when reading books like Amalan Ketika Mengandung, it mentions about the importance of BFing but doesn't teach on how to BF.

i remember my naqibah then said, "we are lots and lots more fortunate than the non-Muslims. we have Allah, Who will always fulfill our doa. we just have to say our prayer to Him and He'll do the rest. but they don't have it. they just do it without berkah dan rahmat". but why we face lots of troubles and failures while they are happy BFing their babies?