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Mommy said my hair was so stinky. and she hated how i scratched my head, like so gatal2. so she & Abiy brought me to Kedai Gunting Mesra at Lutong to has it cut.

there goes my 'beautiful hair'. oh it was a miserable moment i tell you. i cried all the way. cannot tahan to see my hair washed away! Mommy will upload the pics during my hair-cutting. they're in her camera, which had been packed in her luggage bag, cos she's going to KL tonight. without me!

my pictures after...

Bibik said i look like crook.

where's the mole came from? oh it was the dragon fruit's biji2.

Mommy said i look more handsome an cute some more. she discovered lots of ruam panas on my head. no wonder i always garu-garu.

for babies who have heavy head-sweated like me, gondol is better!