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Travelling Alone

i was a tough decision, whether to bring Hafiy along or not. actually, the plan was, bringing him along and send him to a Daycare at Jalan Damai while i go to my meeting and training. i even called the owner, and planned to sew a carrier like Mei Tai or something like that for the purpose of carrying him (since he doesn't like to be in his stroller).

however, i changed my mind when thinking about my condition. i even have to ask Abiy to hold Hafiy when we go out shopping, and how to handle this baby myself? while fatigue is my accompany most of the time. so, i decided to travel alone. ops, it's alone actually, i'm with Adek! (is this called second child syndrome? :P)

i was so cold to be alone in the plane...

i stay at Traders Hotel, next to KL Convention Centre, cos my meeting was held just in front of Convec (shortform i used for KL Convention Centre). oh this hotel's so superb OK! tonite we (Aunty Donia & i) planned to go to the rooftop (i forget the name) to see the view of KLCC :D

first time without Hafiy is miserable. number 1, i miss him LOTS and LOTS! (Adek merajuk~) and number 2, i'm not used to pump at night. and Hafiy is a frequent night feeder. now i have to bear my B engorge when waking up in the morning.

the first thing i did was, call the hotel's service centre, telling that i have to store my ebm in their freezer since the room's fridge is not that cold. they were very OK with that, in fact the officer offered to keep my ebm in a freezer they store ice-cream. they came to pick the milk up, very convenience. and everytime i need them to collect the milk, i just call the service centre.

this time, i fail to pump as frequent as possible. coming to KL alone, is the best time to spend time with my friends. even last nite i didn't sleep in the hotel room, but at my friends' place. for the whole afternoon til evening, we were on the road,and i utilized the time by pumping in the car. glad that it motivated my newly wed friends to breastfeed :)

during the workshop, it was very tight. no break unless for lunch. so i escape when i felt the engorgement was unbearable. it was more important that attending my ears while my mind wondering around thinking about the engorgement. (it's not a blossom engorgement like what i had back then, anyway). luckily my ex-mentor had his office vacant (he's going out), so i used the office to pump. what a lucky~

to transport them back to Miri, i use a small ice box, and will put ice in it (now have to think where should i get the ice). i'm sure it can be put in cargo, cos my friends did it before.

Abiy recommend to pump and dump, so that i dont have to transport anything (i knew he thought about how i'm going to bring all those things, those must be very heavy for this preggy lady). but i'm thinking about providing fresh ebm to my son... which is lot better than frozen one, since the lama, frozen ebm has deplete the antibody content.

i dont know why i feel so good when coming back to Peninsular. no fatigue.. i even can walk non-stop from Convec to KLCC wiht my backpack, go from levels to levels, shops to shops, take LRT to Terminal Putra, get awake until midnite... oh gosh, i even can't sit properly at our own Miri! last time with Hafiy also, i couldn't eat for 4++ month, but when came back to Peninsular, the least plate i took was 3! :)