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Nips Shield

i had very severe sorenips since 2 days ago. not sure whether it's because of pregnancy or because of Hafiy's little tooth (and buds). no matter why the reason is, it's so painful, not only during nursing, but all the time! everytime i lactate him, i would "ouch!", "ah, sakit!","aduss!" until Abiy said "kesian Mommy. patutlah banyak pahala ibu menyusu..." but i'm so proud of Abiy, cos he never offers "bagi susu tin je la Mommy.." (unless his question back then when knowing i'm pregnant "kene bagi susu tin ke?" before he knew about tandem nursing).

Abiy had no problem when i asked him to bring me to Bolevard to buy nipple shield. oh i really need something to cover this melecet2 thing. sangat sakit OK, like what you had during your first week nursing the little baby. i put Bepanthen on, but couldn't bear the pain. might not because of the melecet only, but the pregnancy-induced tender breast makes it so ache.

i bought a set from Anakku. no time to search or research for quality, etc. it's the first thing i found in the store.

at home, i washed and strelized the shield, and terus pakai! and the first thing i did was offering Hafiy. he looked at the shielded nips.. touched it with his little finger... and cried. i said "Hafiy, ini milk la. come come". he came, licked the shield, and continue crying.

i started to wonder, is the shield makes him cry? so i took the shield off. he immediately stop crying and plug himself on. oh my... maybe dia ingat "ape kat milk Mommy tu? kenapa ada plastik? Hafiy taknak plastik!" huhu.

so, tonight we'll try again. if he refuses to latch on with the shield attached on it, i have to bear the painlah. huhuhu... demi anakanda tercinta... pedih pun tak apa lah!