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on BF, toy & oil price

i got this question

hi mami hafiy. nak tanya pendapat sikit psl pumping ni:
1. baby saya umur 5 minggu sekarang & saya memang exclusive BF dia. 3 minggu lagi saya nak start keje & skrg saya dah mula kumpul stok EBM. Masalah saya ialah baby saya menyusu setiap sejam stgh/2jam sekali & klu saya pam susu utk stok EBM, breast saya tak sempat nak penuh balik utk next feeding & baby pun merengek sbb tak puas minum. mcmana saya nak plan pumping time saya utk stok EBM & pd masa yg sama susu saya cukup utk direct feeding?
2. setiap kali pam saya cuma berjaya pam 1.5oz shj sedangkan skrg baby saya minum 3oz each feeding time.ini sedikit sebyk merisaukan saya samada saya boleh stock up sebanyak itu atau tidak.
3. adakah penggunaan electric breastpump boleh meningkatkan jumlah susu yg dipam pada each pumping time berbanding manual pump? buat masa skrg saya guna breastpump avent isis manual.
4. adakah milkmaid tea berkesan utk menabahkan susu?
-mummy dina on how to pump milk?

i am not the best person to answer, but i try my best from my little experience (& i believe other mommies have their own practices & knowledge to share).

  1. the rule of thumb is, always remember that 'SUPPLY BASE ON DEMAND'. our milk duct is not like oil reservoir that will deplete upon high production, but the high production and demand will stimulate more milk to formed. continue pumping & direct BF, it might initially looks awful when we feel 'susu dh abis lepas pump & xcukup utk baby'. however, if we continue pumping & BFing consistently, the body will learn that there's extra demand and it will 'work' to provide more and more milk.
  2. start early & you'll be OK. right now cos u're still direct BFing, so ur hasil tenusu might not be that much. but once you're back to work, you'll get even more than that. even, if you have more stocks, you can combine and it shouldn't be one-day-stock for one-day-feeding.
  3. i think the pump type is subjective. my experience, suction on manual pump is stronger than electrical one, but i can pump a bit longer using electrical cos can avoid lenguh2. hehe. i think comparing production between manual & electrical is like comparing orange & apple. both have their own pro & cons.
  4. i used to take milkmaid tea but it didn't work on me. i think different people have different lactogenic agent. however, the BEST to increase milk are by INCREASE PUMPING FREQUENCY and DIRECT FEEDING. and forget to have a balance diet & plenty of water!

hope that's help ya Mummy Dina, happy BFing!

my 8 month boy

we bought this form fitter for him. initially, i never expect anything on him, to fit the shapes into the holes, etc. but we still guide him how to. and usually he'll scream everytime we hold his hand to fit the holes, cos he liked to suck the blocks instead.

Abiy said "he doesn't interested on this toy". i replied "it's OK. maybe he's too small to play with this kind of toy but we shouldn't stop encouraging him OK".

one fine evening i found him, tried to put a shape into the holes (of course la tak match). owh it was soo touching! he's such an independent baby! Mommy never tot you know how to do it! so everyday after work, i spend time with him, playing with the fitter while learning about shapes and colors.

and it's so true that babies are full of miracles. we don't know when they start learning and how they learn. we parents, don't stop showing, teaching, guiding them even if they are just a small kids and leave us with no respond. be consistent, put a little patient and you'll be surprised!

on the oil price

double the price in 5 years! i still remember 5 years back when i was in uni. the fuel price was rm1.35/L and now it's doubled. the crude oil price also struck dramatically to usd130/barrel. the growing demand, supply disruption, OPEC effect and commodity traders & market investors' behavior, are factors those are expected for this kind of resources.

true, it is really hard for the makan gaji like us. barang xde, harga naik. minyak baik, harga naik. gaji naik sikit, harga naik banyak. always trapped in the rat race. how banyak the gaji pon still tak kaya2. & now in food crisis we can't buy beras siam from Brunei anymore :((

but we believe in the law of abundance. out there are lots of wealth & rezeki Allah takkan putus. it's just how we strive for it.

Mommy keja kuat2 biar dapat bonus lebeyyyy..!!!