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Tok Pa Part 1

Mommy is very busy so she handovered to me to write this time

it was a definite shock news for all of us. Tok Pa was a fit and very healthy, he takes care of his food intake and even activity. Jogging setiap petang, Abiy pun tak macam tu.

these 2-3 days, KL & Miri just like a kilometer away. three of us went balik to KL, rushingly last Thursday (last ticket!) after receiving news from KL that Tok Pa was warded due to acute ******a.

after getting the tickets from MAS office, Mommy took an hour to pack and prepare everything, before rushing to the airport. campak2 saja barang dalam bag. most importantly she had to prepare my things.
-my passport
-my stroller
-my diapers
-my clothes
-my nappies
-my toys
-my temperature reader (in case)
-my bottle & pump (in case - even if i really hate them!)

and thus she incidentally left some valuable items at home :D

i don't know much about what happened, but Mommy has many things to say. i know that she loves Tok Pa as she loves Tok Ayah. she used to stay with my Tok Pa & Tok Ma before got transfer to Miri. everyday she rode in Tok Pa's car to her office at KLCC.

now we're in Miri, just came back last nite. Mommy said i was so fussy in the plane, while she was alone handling me. Abiy stays with Tok Pa & Tok Ma coz nobody to take care of them. tomorrow we'll go back to Semenanjung and Mommy said we have to stay a bit longer to look after Tok Pa.

if i'm not on exclusive breastfeeding, i would like to stay with them.

me @Miri Airport

my stroller's tag

Mommy & me in the Airport Limo (Limo? Waja jer..)

me & the shawl Mommy uses to cover me during nursing in public, with Abiy as background.

me at Tok Pa's house.

Tok Ayah, Mak Tok, Aunty Fatin, Uncle Muhammad, Mak Ngah, Ayah Chik, Pak Uda, Pak Su, & all my friends,
let's pray so that Tok Pa will recover soon. i want to ask him to bring me to the park, and buy me ice-cream. hehe.

Tok Ma,
take care of your health too. i know Tok Ma also on high fever. i love you so much Tok Ma!

Abiy & Mommy,
please take care of my Tok Pa & Tok Ma Okay.

Tok Pa,
you HAVE to be strong and get back in pink of health. i want to play with you. and we can go to MPH together. i love reading you know.. just like you, Tok Pa. and i love you so much Tok Pa!

Tok Pa can you see me 'reading'?

Dear Allah,
please take care of my Tok Pa. give him strength to go through his disease with patient & redho. please give him a positive mind so that he will get strong and recover from time to time. bless him so that he will be OK, healthy and just stays here to watch me grow up. ameen~