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Pumping with my Lord

things needed:
a set of telekung
a praying mat
a book of al-Quran or translation
a set of pumping gear

favorable place:
in a surau or any quite, private space

morning pumping session

step by step:
1. take wudhu'
2. wear telekung
3. prepare the praying mat, to the Qiblat
4. perform dhuha
5. prepare pumping gear
6. get the Quran or translation
7. start pumping
8. read the Quran or translation throughout the pumping

1. while i'm away & he is not on breastfeeding, he still gets the barkah from my milk, insya-Allah.
2. i get all the benefits, for my body and soul.
3. i have ample time for dhuha & reading the Quran.
4. i pump with my Lord!
and many more...