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On Solids, Puasa & Fever

Mommy initially wanted to exclusive breastfeed (with no solids & no other liquid) until you're a year old. but Abiy would like it to be a bit later. Abiy, as possible as it can be want you to be breastfed exclusively (with no solids/other liquids) for 2 years. but it's seem like we have to change our plan because at 4 month:-
  • you started to get 'over excited' on foods (initially Mommy has to prepare an empty plate for you during mealtime but nowadays you know it's empty).
  • you can sit by your own on baby's high chair.
  • you don't drink during daytime (when Mommy's at work), [only 2 oz for all day long!] and even not so frequent during nighttime.
Mommy discussed with Abiy, that the best time to introduce solids is when you reach your 6 month. even if there's ideas of introducing solids at 4 months but Mommy found out that it's the age for formula-fed babies, and since you're a breast-fed baby, so the best time is at your 6 month, where at 4 month old, your system is just getting itself prepared for solids, not actually ready. Mommy said, it is 'amber light' and not yet 'green light'. even if out there many moms start at 4 month, but we beg to differ. we prefer later.

Mommy doesn't concern about introducing solids too early that may affect your young digestive system that will disturb your insulin production and lead to diabetes type 2 when you grow up. but what she concerns is, about exclusive breastfeeding as long as she wants. Mommy doesn't like the idea that we HAVE to give solids at 6 month, or else the babies will not get enough nutrient. and we think it is optional, since there are some stories from our Prophet's seerah telling that 'under 2 year old exclusive breastfeeding boy's urine (boys who ONLY have their mother's milk) is najis mukhaffafah (the lightest ones)'. we think it's not a ridiculous rule, it's just out of our normal practise (even in our society people start to give babies solids at 2-3 days old..).

when you don't like to have EBM in any ways, Mommy suggested that we intro you to solids at 6 month, but Abiy prefer later. the earliest is at your 8th month. we'll see how...

Mommy ain't happy with the idea because you start to not gaining weight. 8kg now and 8kg then. she thought it's because of your 'puasa'. and secondly she gets tired to see your behavior toward food.
  • sangat teruja sampai meleleh air liur everytime tengok kami makan.
  • tangan sangat teruja mencapai segala sudu, garfu, mangkuk, pinggan, foods.
  • bile tengok food, dah tak ada benda lain bole distract.
  • selalu kacau Mami makan dalam flight. sibuk nak pegang food & cawan.
  • always mimicking our kunyah2 when we have our meal.
  • you know what food is.
that's the sign for 'get prepare for solids' but not necessarily ready. Mommy said even if you're physically ready, but we can't see what's happening inside you, and it's irreversible. your digestive system might not ready and it might not react now (for introducing solids too early) but it might be in another 40-50 years. even if there's people say, it doesn't matter about solids, even a baby who had solids at 2-day-old, still alive & become somebody now. but we don't bother. that's their choice and this is our choice, and you're our son after all.

today your body temperature went up to 38degree C. we took you to Ampang Puteri too see the doctor. we thought it's because we brought you to the hospital the other day, when we went to see Tok Pa. the doctor at Ampang Puteri advised us not to bring babies to any wards, for you guys are very fragile, when exposing to many kuman2 in the wards. oh poor my boy, how silly we were...