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Back 2 Work Rehearsal

Mommy's gonna back to work in a week! gosh i bet this is the most miserable moment after being a mother - leaving my boy with someone else... and HAVE TO work! hmm.. i like working, but need ample time to switch back my biological into working lifestyle.

Mommy started bottle-training again (stopped since last week cos Mommy so lazy to wash the bottles - have to change to suitable bottles every time, one session only but 3-4 bottles needed!)
. alhamdulillah it was better than ever - only 2 bottles. huh! but the result was still unchanged la. minum main2. takes more than an hour to finish 2 oz milk. you 'play' with botol susu like playing with your teether. gigit2 jer...

alah, konon sibuk nk pegang sendiri... bukan nk minum betul2 pun.

and this morning Mommy sent you to Makcik Ana. we afraid if you refused to be left with stranger. but after been advised by Auntie Anne (teringat pretzel Auntie Anne's :P), we decided to send you only half day for today and another 2 full days. Thursday & Friday stay at home with Mommy, yeay!!!

siap2 pagi2 lagi kuar pegi Permyjaya.

eh apsal muka tensen ni?

close up muka tak puas hati.

on the way to Makcik Ana's house, Mommy told you to not to be notty, don't cry-cry, drink from bottle and don't make Makcik Ana's life horrible. hahak. Mommy left you with:

- a bag of diapers with wet tissue and nappies.
- 2 pair of clothes with towel in case you need for change.
- toileteris.
- 4 containers with 16oz frozen milk.
- your rattle and teether.
- & Mommy's love.

you were such a good boy. you didn't cry any tears, even better, you laugh when playing with Makcik Ana's kids. so it made Mommy's heart become release. so Mommy don't have to worry much about leaving you there, just for your bottle-feeding. Mommy's still waiting a call from Makcik Ana. hehe. Mommy hope you're OK drinking from bottle :)

can't wait for this afternoon, i want to pick you home!

*oh yes, yesterday Uncle Dayat came to visit you. but Mommy didn't take any picture cos my hp went out of battery. maybe we can check at his blog? he took several pictures... ;)