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Mommy's First Day At Work

nite before:
Abiy took us out for a treat at Pizza Hut [actualy i was the one who asked him to, haha]. konon2 to celebrate my very last day of being a SAHM.

on the way to Bintang, you were already ek ek ek.. but Mommy told Abiy "alah xpe.. nanti dia OK la" because i reeeaaaallllyyy wanted to eat pizza! [plus, so laaaaazy to cook :P].

at Pizza.

after we made order and everything, you started jebik2.. and HUWAAAA! Mommy tried to calm you, check your diaper, dokong2 around the mall, offer BM, peluk2, gosok2, tepuk2, etc. etc. but nothing worked. until the whole Bintang gamat dengan suara ini budaks. sidaknya di sia duk nanga kitak teriak2. and finally, i asked Abiy to bungkus & balit saja.

you cried non-stop all the way home, and at home also non-stop for 2 and half hour. ADA SIK URANG BOLE MADAH KENAK BUDAK TOK MELALAK SIK MOK BERENTI2!!! wah, kamek nang sik pandai kelaka Sarawak!

Mami masa tu memang dah tak tau ape nak buat dah. macam2 dah buat. abis baca sumer ayat2 dah. tak stop2 jugak. and finally guess what made you stop crying...?


mengamuk nk bace buku ropenya nya tok...

after dapat itu baru la diam. wah sungguh ajaib. sejuk rasa perut Mami. hehe. then terus diam & bole la lepak2.

maka bole la Mami prepare for the next day...
  • blend segala bawang2, put in closed tupperware & store in fridge
  • sweep the floor, tidy up the house
  • iron the clothes
  • pump the milk as usual

the stok tongganglanggang in my freezer.
  • preparing the pumping gear & get the fridge2go frozen enough

bottles, pump and the plug.
  • update my schedule

but Hafiy waited for me to go to bed. only at 12.30am both of us went to sleep.

the next morning:
i woke you up at 6.30am. bathed you, and dress you up. but failed to BF you cos you already started your puasa. Mommy went out with my pumping gear, a 'handbag' and a company diary. and my new clothes, kurung kedah so that it's easier to me to breastfeed you in the noon.

departed to Permyjaya at 7.05am. it was a bit late, so we couldn't singgah lama2. our office hour started at 7.30am.

in the office, the first thing i reported my duty to HR department. make sure that they're gonna key-in my salary for this month. suda keringgggg.... then got back to my workstation. nothing changed [beselerak mcm biasa], but my PC changed. got a new ones!

i didn't have 'meroyan' on the first day, instead, 'semangat' mau kerja... cos my project now become a sampah-like, nyawa2 ikan & i have to bring it back to live before this financial year ends [sabar.. sabar..]. OK, it'll be like a phoenix, rebirthing from sampahashes.

okay this time, despite the i- really- don't- like- this- j*b, despite the i- really- don't- like- this- and- that, now Mommy don't care anymore. smile! i just came with a new spirit of 'SERVING THE NATION'. hey this industry contributes 40% of the government's $$$ what.

Mommy went to Permyjaya to breastfeed you, but you didn't drink much. sikit2 jugak. so Mami think the next day i don't have to go anymore la. jauh OK. after the breastfeeding i still have to pump, at 11.30am before went to lunch. and again at 3.00pm. just got 10oz total, maybe cos i didn't drink much water and a bit dehydration. oh tomorrow should bring my water tumbler!

overall, today is a 'flatten' day since i took my loooong leave. me at work were OK, no 'homesick' [and even if i had, i can go home/to Permyjaya anytime!], very high spirit to re-start my job & look for opportunity to change position [oh see how macho i am!]. tired, but still i rewarded myself, by baking apple shortbread [tak jadi ponnn! tp OK la, abis jgk kutelan] and nasi ayam. so penat yg amat & Mommy so tak larat to layan you tonite. alhamdulillah you're so understanding & not merengek2. thanks honey...

everybody in the house in a good position...