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Before I Breastfeed...

before my baby was born, i always love to share my dream with other moms : to breastfeed my baby. the most popular responds i got was like...

"tak payahla breastfeed, susah. leceh nak kena pam2, nak handle lagi leceh"
"ko keje, mana boleh nak breastfeed"
"mengarut je. ko kan kene outstation selalu. nak wat cemana tu?"
"susah nanti ko nak cari babysitter/nursery yg nak jaga budak breastfeed"
"kalo susu ko ada, bole la nak breastfeed"
dan sebagainya.

i was yet a Mommy that time, so i left them with no comment. but in my head, i want to prove to them that despite the 'good excuses' [since they used the reasons above to answer why don't they breastfeed], i can manage to breastfeed my son as long as i want.

[but i'm considered lucky cos those persons are not my mom, nor my MIL, nor my grannies, nor my aunties, nor my sisters. my family give me fully support to breastfeed, even if none of them ever did this.]

i guess nowadays, we can find working-nursing-moms everywhere. i don't understand why there's still such idea that "tak bole menyusu sebab kerja..". yeah maybe out there some mommies really don't know about this but please don't say "mana bole bf, kan kerja.." to others. kalo ye pun cakapla "bole ker bf & kerja?" bila orang tanye, ye dak?

& if you malas to breastfeed, malas to handle breastmilk, malas to pump, etc. let it be your personal problem sudahlah. don't drag everybody to join your kemalasan tu. i don't mind if anybody doesn't want to breastfeed sebab malas, but don't promote it to others. if you don't want to give your baby your milk, don't ask others to. if you think you baby don't deserve your milk, other babies deserve. you think all moms are malas like you ka?

another excuse i really don't like is about the babysitter or nursery. if nursery A can't, go to nursery B lah. if both can't, find other nursery la... okay2, i don't wanna comment lebih2, it's their choice, but to me, my children's' welfare is 100% on me. if to find a right place to put my kids pun i fail, how about their future? will i succumb to 'susahla... susahla..' then my kids don't get what they deserve for. i took unpaid leave, and willing to send my baby nun jauh ke Permyjaya,& plan to hire a maid just because i want him to get the full richness of my breastmilk.

with my job, i have to go outstation. to attend meetings, training, etc. most probably i have to go to KL, KK & terengganu in regular basis. but it's not an excuse for me to stop giving my baby BM. if there's a will there's a way rite. my very first outstation will be in the next fornite [hopefully], to seremban. i'm gonna bring Hafiy with me & i asked ma friend, Bolly [she stays at KL] to come with me. if i'm going to places that i can't bring him together [offshore or barge, probably] i should prepare a bank of frozen milk for him.

i don't mind if anyone wanna give her baby FM because 'susu tak ada' but pleaaseeee don't use it as an advise to newly-planned-to-breastfeed mommies. i never state in my mind to 'nak breastfeed kalo susu ada' or sewaktu dgnnya. i said to myself, i want to breastfeed & my susu MUST ada. even i don't ever2 prepare any tin of FM at home even if for 'emergency' because i believe that my body won't let my boy die for starving [mati kebuluran?].

i know many moms fail to breastfeed because of the feeling 'takut baby lapar susu xde', then they feed them FM. end up, rely to FM forever. [some are successful to cont. bf & say well done! to 'em] being me, even if my breast full only on the 4th day, even if i don't feel like producing, even if my baby cried, but i told myself that 'he's not hungry. he just need my hug because he's afraid of this new, big, open world'. alhamdulillah my son is still survive, with no jaundice and gains very healthy weight. i think he never dies because of my little milk la.

i pray that other moms or moms-to-be who plan to breastfeed, able to find the right persons & right resources those can motivate them and help them to breastfeed successfully. amiin~