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What to Expect When You Are Expecting + Breastfeeding

this is purely from my experience and my friends', with mimimun reference to other reliable sources i.e. LCs, doctors and reading materials.
***ZIILION THANKS for all your comments & supports. so sorry for not being able to reply 'em, but we truly appreciate YOUR WARM MESSAGES! hug hug hug.

what you have to know before 'getting excited' of having or trying to have another one while the elder one is still nursing:-

1. breastfeeding while pregnant won't harm the unborn child nor the nursing baby/toddler.

2. uterine contraction is common (the uterus contracts since ever but it wasn't noticed if we're not pregnant for it's very small) even so the contraction during sexual activity is stronger than breastfeeding/milk pumping.

3. many mothers are actually did this!

1. some mothers will develop tender nipples than ever, this can be reduced by changing position during nursing.

2. milk volume will decrease and at second trimester, colostrum started to form, makes the milk taste changes. colostrum is different than regular milk we produce in term of taste and its richness, at some stage, the toddler needs other source of nutrition.

3. for mothers with premature labour/ miscarriage/bleeding history, it is advisable to wean the baby off for it might trigger to another miscarriage. or, please get your doctor's advise.

4. mother needs to eat more. breastfeeding needs 500 calorie and pregnancy requires 300 calorie, make it total 800 calorie/ day! and this varies for different mothers, depending on body size, climate and activities.

5. once the milk drop, it's almost impossible to recover it to the previous state.

6. morning sickness, no appretite to food, vomiting, etc. those lead to dehydration will slow down the milk and let down, some mothers 'lose' the milk at all.

7. prolactin is directionally proportional with estrogen, but inversely proportional with progesterone. this imbalance hormone will slow down the milk, even if there is high demand, it is more depending on the hormone. when the baby is born and the estrogen back to its state, the prolactin will be induced by demand from those babies and the milk will increase again.

8. the body is no longer same with the non-pregnant breastfeeding moms. any lactogenic food will gives only minimum effect.

9. no pills, no herbs, no no, or they will harm the fetus.

10. some toddlers wean themselves off during the stage their mothers starts to develop colostrum.

1. most toddlers who wean during the second trimester started to nurse again as soon as the little ones are born!

on top of that, this is the most precious experience in my life. and i won't let it go!