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Hafiy 11 Month & Adik 16 Week

how fast time flies. Hafiy is 11 month old and Adik is 4 month in my womb. we still can’t notice any obvious movement from Adik (though he/she is moving :D). maybe because of puasa so Adik doesn’t kick vigorously lah. and maybe as well because of the fibroid pressing my womb making the space for Adik to kick is limited. but don’t worry Adik will get bigger and press the tumor back, kan Adik?

Hafiy is developing his skills, walking (4-5 steps forward), babbling [mama=Mami, bababa or bebebe=Abiy, mbik=Bibik, nak, byebye (but it sounds weird), mememe (tgh mengamuk],play with his form fitter and rings, putting his toys into its box, combs his hair, put things into laundry basket (not only the clothes but anything available), unwrap the food wrapper. etc. an interesting part is, he likes to water the plant. actually, he just supervises la.. the watering job done by Bibik. everymorning he'll scream, bending body, as a signal to go out and water the plants, so does in the evening (nak jadi petani kot).

since ever Hafiy is so clingy. Bibik has to cook while carrying him. so i asked her to put him aside. if she’s doing tumbuk2, give the lesung to him as well. now that if he goes to kitchen, he’ll ask for the lesung. when she’s on the stove, put Hafiy aside on the kitchen cabinet and give him something to play with, carrots or onion, etc.

now Hafiy knows how to protest and mengamuk guling-guling if anything he wants to 'say', nobody understand or when he doesn't get what he wants. i told Abiy that we should bring him out sometimes, to make him familiar with outside world, and to prevent him from being 'too free to mengamuk guling-guling' outside. Abiy said, maybe after Hafiy could walk independently by himself then we'll bring him out (again).

our activity during Ramadhan is not much. usually i reach home at 5 something, take 5 on my bed, bath, wash the pumping gears and breastfeed Hafiy. then i'll cook for berbuka and spend time with Hafiy while waiting for the azan. at night, i let him play in the bedroom (he has no time to sit back & relax) while watching him. he can do unexpected things without supervision i.e. climbing shelves/cupboard, get something from heigh, etc. when the things go out of control, the only cure is Tom Tom Bak. he'll stay put watching the show before we go to bed. [somebody told me that a good mother won't let her kids watch TV show especially something like Tom Tom Bak. i didn't object, but to me, whatever it is, it's up to the mother's parenting skill. a good person brings something good from shit, but a vice versa turns something good into shit :)].

we are still waiting for Adik to kick (he/she's kicking now neway, it's just i still can't feel him/her). and the dilemma is, how many weeks Adik is? because my period stopped 2 months before i got pregnant, the gynaes only can determine the EDD and the gestation week through ultrasound. last check up, there were 3 differents week, 15, 16 & 17. so i chose the average, 16 week, OK la kan? this maybe not a big deal for others, but for us, we have to plan ahead. i don't want Abiy to miss the birth again!

we might have a big turning moment in our life. i still can't predict what will happen, but Adik's time is definitely tough, unlike Hafiy's. during Hafiy's, everything went well and smooth. this time, so many things happens. hopefully Adik will be tough as well OK.