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Carrying Two?

no, i'm not carrying twin.

yesterday Adik & i went to PCMC for our very first regular check up with Dr Seri. she's as friendly as Dr Aida, and a very nice lady. after learning our data, she invited us to the couch for ultrasound.

everything was OK on Adik. but we still couldn't see whether Adik is a she or he. sitting on old man position, Adik was reserving energy by hibernating. Dr Seri said "baby you duk mengerekot ni".

she tried to peep what was between Adik's legs. however, she discovered something else..

"you ada fibroid ke dear?"
"yes you are. ni ha dia duk tekan rahim you. patutlah space kecik je utk baby. sian Adik tersepit"
"ha??? (shocked)"
"obvious sangat nampak ni kat tepi ovari you"
"then, what should i do now? (blur)"
"nothing to worry.. ia tak effect baby"

went back home, i googled 'fibroid and pregnancy' and sms-ed some friends about fibroid and its effects on my:
- pregnancy
- future conception
- milk!
alhamdulillah all answers i got were positive :) - tp saspen jugak nih -