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Tok Pa' Demise. Al-Faatihah

21st September 2008, beginning of 10th last night of Ramadhan & the autumnal equinox

at about 11.30pm, Tok Pa was breathless (SoB). Tok Hawa (who is also a specialist doctor) asked Tok Ma to contact all siblings. Atok-Atok came minutes later recited Yaasin for Tok Pa. Tok Ma, Abiy, Aunty Fatin & Uncle Muhd didn't ever leave Tok Pa's couch in Tok Hawa's living room.

Mommy tried to get Hafiy to sleep, since it was midnite, but Hafiy refused, until we (Abiy & Mommy) had to get him into the car and drove for 10minutes, then only he fall asleep. at home, Hafiy tossed and turned, and refused to sleep until Mommy had to bring him to a room located at the back, which is quite far from the 'noise'.

at about 2.00am, Hafiy screamed and cried. only when Mommy brought him to where Tok Pa was, he stop crying. Hafiy really wanted to look at Tok Pa so Mommy carried him to Tok Pa. everybody was there, in fact surrounding the couch.

at 3.33am, Tok Pa left us for good.. after 6 month suffering acute lukaemia.

* i dont know what to story...tak ada mood skg (will blog later about the story behind & beyond - many things to write)

*Lil' Updates:

- can walk! dalam masa 2 hari practise tak henti2 sampai malam tido lena kepenatan. now asik berjalan aje. mula2 jalan macam hantu cina (tangan ke depan) now dah pandai letak tangan belakang, pegang barang, etc. :)
- add vocabs!
- em/emem = minum
- mam = makan
- nak em = nak minum
* Mommy tak baik tau.. ajuk2 Hafiy cakap macam tu. :P
- botak balik. kepala asik ruam jer.
- know how to socialize. kat kampung Hafiy kawan2 dengan second cousins Hafiy, anak2 Acik Noni.
- love to kiss Aunty Fatin.
- pandai salam & cium tangan.
- bila dengar orang ngaji or solat, Hafiy angkat takbir & sujud.
- bila orang tahlil Hafiy goyang2 badan macam biasa orang tahlil buat (padehal baru tengok sekali je).

- i can feel Adik's kickin'! tapi Adik cuma kick masa Abang Hafiy takde. kalo Abang Hafiy ada Adik duk diam je.