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Playtime with Hafiy

in the living room

"Hafiy give me the XXX* (XXX=anything he holds), please"
(Hafiy passes the XXX)
"Thank you, I love you!" (kiss)

"Hafiy look how i toss this" (tossing any object)
(Hafiy tries, but usually instead of tossing, he slamming it down).
"look how i'm doing it" (keep on tossing)
(Hafiy keeps on trying)
"let me help you, could i?"
"arghhhh" translation : "let me do it myself!"

"Hafiy please get the blue XXX for me, please" (pointing at the blue XXX)
(Hafiy takes another thing)
"not that red YYY, i want the blue XXX"
(Hafiy keeps on taking another thing)
"not that yellow ZZZ, the blue XXX please"
on and on and on until he gets the blue XXX.

"please put your toys inside their box before we go to sleep OK" (collect the toys and get them into the box)
(let Hafiy helps)

in the kitchen

(Mommy's peeling fruits)
"i'm peeling this mango. don't worry i'll teach you how when you are big enough to hold the knife"

(Bibik's tumbuk2 lesung)
"you want to try?" (give the alu to him)
(Hafiy tumbuk2 the lesung)

(Mommy's cooking Hafiy kena duduk jauh2 sikit. bahaya!)

in the bedroom

"Hafiy you read this book Mommy read this book"

"Hafiy please put the clothes inside the laundy basket"

"Hafiy come we play cards"

(free activities : panjat, terjun, lari, tarik, jatuhkan)

begitulah kehidupan sehari-hari budak kecik yang tak ada mainan :D