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A Visit to Prince Court Medical Centre

this morning we went to Prince Court Medical Centre (PCMC), just to pay a visit before the actual appoinment :p the nurse said PCMC's official launching was on 1st July, still new huh.

the basement parking lot is so convy, with hourly rate, rm2.50 for 1st hour and rm1 for the consequence hour, and max rm8. expected cos it's under KLCC parking management ;) we dont have to walk under the sun, unlike other hospital. the elevator will take us to the lobby.

lobby sgt cantik mcm hotel. suit la this hospital is a medi-hotel type. the staffs pun frenly sgt, maybe tak ramai orang sangat kot. even if dah tau the procedure,tapi saja buat2 tak tau & tanye macam2.

we went to maternity clinic, cakap dgn nurse tu nak tengok wad & labour room. wad view KLCC & ada sofa bed. ada 2 type room, deluxe & suite. suite ada 1 bilik utk family. labour room pun standardla, but i think smaller than Pakar Perdana.

org yg dekat kaunter bawah recommends Dr Lim (if i not mistaken), she said he is a very the experience ones. but i prefer Muslim doctor, so Dr Seri is our choice la. but dia punya jadual hari ni only belah petang je, so takdela jumpa any doctors. Dr Dato' Aziz pun ada 3 hari seminggu je. however semua gynae mmg expert & ok semuanya (ikut kata Dr Aida & para misi).
misi tu pun cakap Dr Seri happygolucky orangnye.

tak sempat tengok2 sangat hospital tu sebab nak cepat. tp mmg Petronas punya design la... Abiy kata "macam Pocket D" (pocket D adalah nama salah satu part kat UTP punye school).

since hospital baru, fasiliti memang tip top, sampai sometimes other hospitals pun hantar patient ke situ, especially for neonatal. so memang takde tempat lain dah la. ;) best2!

and most importantly, even if it's not a baby friendly hospital, but it's very pro breastfeeding! and it rooms baby with the mother so that mother can breastfeed. so nice isn't it?

(blogging from Abiy's hp & i dunno the result)