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Mami : siapa nama Hafiy Al-Fateh angkat tangan! SAYA!
Hafiy : (angkat tangan sambil goyang2 ala-ala Macam-Macam Aznil)

Abiy : bye bye Hafiy~
Hafiy : (lambai tangan gaya Macam-Macam Aznil)

Bibik : Hafiy ni suka joget goyang2 macam Ajenil

Astro Prima : Macam-Macam.... Aznil!
Astro Ceria : Tom Tom Bak!
Hafiy : (menonton dgn kusyuk semasa Aznil Nawawi muncul tp restless bila dia tak ada)

*adegan2 di atas tidak dapat dirakam kerana Hafiy enggan memberi kerjasama bila nampak kamera. dia nak pegang kamera tu!

lately Mami telah outsource kan tugas2 melayan Hafiy kepada Aznil Nawawi. ada je cd yg Mami burn tp Mami tak larat nakgi pasang (Nota Hafiy: alasan je tu.. sbrnya Mami yg nak tengok Aznil..). dengan Aznil ni Hafiy dah tak merayap-rayap dah. mujurla Tom Tom Bak dengan Macam-Macam Aznil ada marathon malam2. hm,memang aura betul la Aznil dengan budak2. kusyuk je dia tengok Aznil.

kira OK la... asalkan Hafiy bole duk diam-diam kat situ sudahlah. kalau tak asik nak merayap je, penat tau Mami nak kutip. dah yang sedia penat dah ni. huhuhu~ tak apelah. at least show Aznil tak ada adegan melampaui batasan dan cakap pun tak ada guna dirty words. & Mami pun watch sama Hafiy (sambil tido kadang2). lagipun time ni je Hafiy bole tengok Aznil. nanti kat rumah Tok Pa kene tengok Bloomberg. hehe.

MORAL: pengaruh TV memang kuat walaupun terhadap budak sekecik biji kacang. kawal lah frekuensi dan amplitud tontonan TV terhadap anak anda.

tips to control what TV takes with our children:

1. make specific rules about watching TV. (for younger kids is to be obeyed by parents) e.g. : no TV while having meal, no TV during family discussion, etc.

2. don't just 'watch TV', but allow ourselves to watch particular, 'approved' program, not just 'watch TV'. e.g. watching news, watching TTB, etc.

3. no channel surfing. sometimes when we surf, it will stop at inappropriate scene, e.g. violent, etc.

4. watch together with our children. we can talk with them about what is going on in the show. especially when watching movies.

5. NEVER use TV as babysitter. don't calm our little kids on TV. make this rule clear to the babysitter, "DONT LET MY BABY WATCH TV WHILE YOU'RE DOING YOUR WORKS". our Bibik, watches TV while lullabying Hafiy.

6. one is better than two. one TV placed in the living room will help us keep an eye on what is being watched.

7. talking to our children about the programs they watched or watched together with them will give us opportunities to debrief them about the rights and wrongs in them.

8. manage time properly, so that wont have to 'spend' time watching TV cos have nothing to do..

9. dont make TV a centre of our family life! how to avoid TV dominating:
- put TV off during mealtime.
- make conversation a priority in our family.
- don't use TV as a reward or punishment. no "you can watch TV the whole weekend if you do this and that" or "you can't watch TV for a week if you do this and that".
- encourage other recreational activities. don't be a slacker by watch too much TV during free time.
- find alternative to watching television.
- don't place TV in kids' bedroom.


“Children of all ages are constantly learning new things. The first 2 years of life are especially important in the growth and development of your child's brain. During this time, children need good, positive interaction with other children and adults. Too much television can negatively affect early brain development. This is especially true at younger ages, when learning to talk and play with others is so important.

“Until more research is done about the effects of TV on very young children, the AmericanAcademy of Pediatrics (AAP) does not recommend television for children age 2 or younger.”

and the bottom line is...
CHILDREN FOLLOW US! (this explains a lot why Hafiy loves Aznil Nawawi that much.. kene cut ni!)