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My New Buddy: Freestyle

i tot (not necassarily applied for everyone) i need a set of double pump. the first candidate was Spectra 3, because it's cheaper, with rm500+ i can have the extravaganza set. but it wasnt suitable since my job (urgh!) requires me to travel frequently. Spectra 3 is electrical operated only. i have to consider places without electrical outlet, i.e. others office, airport, on the road, etc. i can use my uno, but if can do double pumping, it could be better.

then, my second choice felt onto Ameda Lactaline. quite pricey for the whole set, coz i couldnt find any place selling one,at least the car adapter. it's very light, and comes with unique design. rm788 for pump alone is a bit high for us (me).

our anniversary then came in August. Abiy 'offered' me things like ring, watch, bracelet.. but i refused. i said "please gimme someting i could use. i dont wear jewelery (including my wedding rings coz they are now bigger than my fingers) and i love my current watch". but finally i didnt have to refuse for a 3G handphone and a set of Medela Freestyle! TQ Abiy!

a friend asked me about the need of breastpump. i told her, in my opinion it's subject to your ability to express milk. if you master in hand expressing, for sure you can save more money. but it's an essential for me. and it shouldnt be 'the higher the cost,the higher the quality, so go for expensive one'. it's up to the family economy and needs. it's like buying car, if we only can afford MyVi, we shall never feel 'low' or 'should get a more expensive one to be better', it's what we can pay afterall. so goes for breastpump, i think we should not think ours are never be better because they are not expensive. it's depend on our pumping technique. but, kalo ada duit lebih tu janganla kedekut sangat nak beli pam yang bagus sikit, kan. or yang agak kelakar, dialog like, "haa? pam susu sampai RM 5-6 ratus? mahalnya... baik bagi susu tin je.." :D kene belajar ekonomi ke? rasanya basic math je nih.. :P

so, now i have a new buddy, Medela Freestyle (FS)! we bought at ajasu's shop. much much cheaper than market price :D go get it! [tolong promo]

from facts and others' experience, double pumping will:
- stimulate both breast simultaneously increases production.
- save time to empty both breasts since you are pumping both serentak.
- imitate tandem nursing, which send signal to brain to produce more milk.
but non of the above can be ticked by me, since i'm now in the stage of hormonal war. and both prolactin and pregnancy hormone have to win!

FS is a pump that comes in a package with:

- 4 bottles, soft sided cooler with contoured ice pax
- soft fit breast shield
- a tote bag
- hands free kit inclusive of bra adapter, handsfree adapter, handsfree strap & adjustable waist belt for mobility
- tubing
- a cute pump which is so light and has digital display so that you can record you pumping time.
[the components are a lot to me :D]
- 2 adapters, one UK standard (Malaysian as well) one US standard.

what i like about FS:
- the rechargeable battery is just like your handphone. tak payah keluarkan for charging & xperlu tuka2 bateri. jimat duit :) plus, it is powerful summore... so far i just cas once a week.
- it's a handsfree breastpump! i can do double pumping while sms-ing, reading, even on keyboard.
- it has 7 level of suction. i have no comment on the suction, it's strong enough compared to my UNO.
- it's a 2-phase pump and you don't have to reset anything to get back to let-down mode, just press the let down button.
- the tote bag is big enough to put all my pumping gears and other things i bring to the office :)
- the lcd display allows me to know the accurate pumping time, without depending on my hp, and also for nite light :D
- it has memory button so that we can save the rhyme for the next session, but i never use it :P
- i can pump at my workstation! nobody actually perasan ;)

cute kan tote bag ni. nampak kecik je tapi bole muat macam2.

selamba pam kat workstation...

i give this pump 4 stars la. 1 star left for some comments i have:
- the ON button is very sensitive. sometimes it's just hidup sendiri while sitting in my bag. huhuh.
- take time nak pakai & cabut segala mende alah handsfree tu. har har har.
- banyak juga komponen untuk dibasuh & strelize.

another thing, if you already have a manual pump, dont let it go. just keep it for usage during emergency since FS doesnt has manual part. i still keep my UNO. safely preserve... jadi 1st aid pulak dia.

walau macamana pun, i HEART this pump! berbaloi lah membelinya :D TQ again to Abiy, mwah mwah! sayang Abiy!