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A week

it has been a week, i didn't go to SCN to see Fahry. and for a week, Abiy went there every morning and night, other than bringing Fahry his food, was to check on him and perform gentle massage. he is a great father, juggling with his office work, family at home & at the hospital. we knew that Abiy is exhausted cos most of the time, people in the office will go for him and need him to be in some important meetings, including inter-boundary meeting with Brunei. and he has to take care for his own family, beside his mom's family in KL. Abiy is a big hearted guy, isn't he?

Abiy told that Fahry was moved from in front of nurse's counter into a room next to it, and now wearing cloth diaper :D

Fahry is now taking 25ml per feeding and is constantly in sleeping mode everytime Abiy goes there. his current weight is unknown. i hope he's gaining weight lah.

Abiy said the wound at his right foot is 'dry'. and his skin also dry so i bought Buds Baby Lotion, because it is organic and i was too afraid to put paraben things on his thin skin :D Abiy uses that cream to massage his body.

this evening Abiy told me "i think you should be there. poor lil boy, nobody is there to comfort him". i said even if my eyes now is OK but i rather wait for 2-3 days to make myself confidence that i am really OK. yeah i as much as possible try to bring away any harm from my babies.

nothing much on Fahry that i knew. i hope he's getting bigger by the time i'm there to treat him. i always remember Fahry's smell, and can't wait to be there again.

today i got some calls and texts from some close friends who just knew about Fahry, and they felt bad about that. i must say that, don't be, cos i really didn't tell anyone about Fahry, except my ex-roomate cos i don't know how to. oh tidak kelakar. for others who really want to know more about Fahry, i just say "u can check it in my blog".

and you know, when somebody in a happy mood congratulate you for your new baby, would you rather ruin it by telling about your child that might be heart-melting. others maybe are, but i'm not. & i dont want anybody to assume that we're in misery for having Fahry, no. he's my son & we are so happy. & would you still be happy if someone tell you "my baby cacat"? would you still eager to congratulate? furthermore, most of the time they'll ask "baby sihat?", so i answer "sihat alhamdulillah". :)

so, to make everything easy to everyone, i rather put it in this blog rather than telling everybody personally.

(Hafiy sometimes gives me headache for he likes to stay up at night and disallow me to pump for Fahry's milk)