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New Experience

having Hafiy and Fahry, gives me a totally different experience. it's like 180degree punya difference.

-the pregnancy-
HAFIY : morning sickness yg teruk. 4 months without nasik.
FAHRY : almost no morning sickness. except tak bole minum air masak banyak2 or muntah habis.

-the hospital-
HAFIY : private.
FAHRY : gomen.

-the labor-
HAFIY : dunno when it was started. but the show was out at 1630hrs & Hafiy came 7 and half hour later. i was given pethadine to make me fall asleep tapi tak sempat tido pun...
FAHRY : the contraction started 2 weeks before, the show came out a week before, the cervic opened 4 hours before the birth. i was given NOTHING (drug) for his prematurity.

-the birth-
HAFIY : 9.30pm reached the labor room, 12.01am Hafiy was born. i didn't feel anything during the birth process because of drug given by Dr Awang (not epidural). Dr Awang gave me petadine to make me sleep because "esok pagi baru awak bersalin".
FAHRY : 5.30pm reached the labor room, 6.45pm (but official is 6.55pm) Fahry was born. he came out just after the amniotic fluid came & i still can feel him, getting out from my body. i was left alone in the room until i have to scream to call the nurse because "lama ni awak sakit sebab saya tak bagi drug, baby awak premature & lambat sikitlah.. tengah malam nanti baru bersalin".

-the afterbirth-
HAFIY : tak rasa ape2 cos dah pengsan.
FAHRY : rasa SEMUA. Fahry came out, the placenta came out, how the nurse korek2 darah beku, nurse jahit hidup2, etc.

-the post-natal-
HAFIY : i didn't feel the contraction pengecutan rahim even if during breastfeeding because of the painkiller. (TQ so much!). but i had a very severe sembelit.
FAHRY : sakitnyaa!!! kadang2 tak bole pam susu sebab sakit~~~ but no sembelit. best!