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A Story Behind This Special Boy

Fahry is very special, not because he is premature. it's not merely that. Fahry has something that not everybaby has. Even in this very ward, he's the only boy with such that gift.

Today his paed told us, that Fahry has high risk of infection, but they will do their best to avoid it. But it was enough to make Mommy cried for the whole day. Only after i received a call from Sis N, telling me to be strong since Fahry is 100% depend on Mommy. I had no objection then, cos it's really true. I carried him for 7 months, and our soul will stay intact forever.

Ya Allah please give us strength to go through this. May Fahry safe from any harm that could effect his little body.

However, this boy knows how to entertain Abiy & Mommy. He is a very active boy, I guess he just stop when he's sleeping. his tiny hands always look for something to be pulled! Berapa kali wayar kat tangan tercabut. And the nurses said "baby u aktif sangat, sampai terjatuh-jatuh dari tempat tidur dia". Mommy rasa satu inkubator tu dia dah explore.

Today he developed mild jaundice & the paed put him under phototheraphy. Mommy kena selalu perhati or else Fahry will tarik2 kapas yang tutup mata tu.

Actually Mommy sebak everytime tengok, sentuh, belai Fahry.. Bibirnya kering, kaki kiri macam melecet sikit.. But Mommy dunno what to do.. (could be this a post-partum? Masa Hafiy pun Mommy menangis2 juga).

This time I have to be strong. No pantang2 cos have to stay in the hospital and later ulang alik rumah-hospital. No mother to look after me. No nenek to find tukang urut, etc. Now everything is on Mommy & Abiy alone.

May Allah gives us strength... Di kejauhan ini.