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Hafiy, Aeroplane & KL

if its not because of the yearly sponsored air ticket by the company, we won't have any air travel from KB to KL. [kudos to the company, at least we didn't have to worry about the flood & landslide].

we flew a day after Aidiladha, at 8.30pm. i really didn't have any idea of flying with a baby. however, i plan to bring you along if i have to do business trip (to anyplace i could find somebody to look after you) since domestic charge for under 2YO baby is only 10% of the full price. so cheapy....

we went out 2 hours before the flight, cos i want to choose our seat next to the window so that it become easier to me to breastfeed you. however, it was a teruk traffic jam. more than 1 hour on the road for a usually-not-more-than-30minutes journey. oh my... however we still managed to get the seat, even tho it was at the 24th row.

it wasn't something comfortable to me, the seat is too narrow and limited spaced. however, with the keprihatinan of the air crew thanks a lot!, it became more pleasantable. my biggest fear was, how if you COL (cry out loud) along the 55minutes journey... oh i would die... the soother is take you for a walk... how could i do that in a boeing 737? alhamdulillah, you so well-behaved! you just merengek mintak susu & then you was preoccupied by the plane's light outside. good boy!

we didn't have any problem, or maybe because the journey is a short one? oh, i'm thinking about 2-and-half-hour flight to Miri! oh dear boy please be a good boy OK?

nevertheless, i still prepared some little things for the flight:-
1. sweater (thank to Mak Siti. jauh import from Cambodia =))
2. feed you during taking-off and landing to balance pressure inside your ears (however, you didn't accept this. you know how to balance it yourself eh)
3. pant type diapers (bcos of limited space for nappy change)
4. a very supportive husband ;) (my hands were fully occupied, Abiy helped me having my favourite orange juice)

walking in the airport was very tiring. plus, i wore heels. oh my, without stroller nor baby carrier, i hold you all the way while Abiy pushing the trolley. my back ache! i should buy a new pair... not a heely ones... phew~ fortunately, Tok Ma, Tok Pa & Pak Su Muhd went to China in the morning, so they left a car for us. so we could have Abiy's favourite satay Kajang at Dengkil R&R. yummy!

our first nite at Saujana Damansara was a terrible one. you cried all nite long! Mommy & Abiy were soooo tired, and i tot sometimes i just let you cry while i was sleeping cos i had no more energy to cradle you. poor boy... i told Tok Ayah bout that and he said 'baby beralih tempat'. i guess, yes. for 2 and half month you slept on our bed at Anjung Nenek, now everything had changed. i tot you need some time to adjust yourself to this new environment. i hope you won't take long cos we'll be here for not more than 10 days.

the first thing Mommy did was finding the timbang berat. i'm 46kg! wow2! 1kg more to go to my targeted weight! (my weight before got pregnant was 47kg anyway & targeted weight is 45kg) and our weight alltogether is 53kg. so you're 7kg now! beratnyer..

and this morning, we had our very first family photo session with Uncle WakJue (together with Adam Mikhael & family at Putrajaya) ... Mommy gonna tell you the story later with some piccas of today's activity :) so notty la you... tak suka tau buat perangai macam tu.