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Almost 2 Month

pipi merah kene geget nyamuk

phew, i hope this new phase (2 MO) will end the agony endured by the blackside of my mental, punched by your unstoppable-cry-as-long-as-i-don't-put-you-in-my-arm. but owh, at the whiteside (which is a lot greater!) i really don't mind (cos i'm the one who called you to come to the world as my son, it's not your decision at the first place). but bear in mind that we'd been quarantined since you cried non-stop in public made nobody want to hold you. by default i am the one who has to bring you away :)

you're gonna have your 2nd follow up and jabs next week. i can't wait to witness how much weight you gain after a month :) i don't know bout other mothers but i am really obsess about your weight gain. it's a pleasure and i take it as a compliment (perasan) when somebody says that you're bigger than your age :D and you know, because of that, i have a close-end answer when anyone asks about "xkasik makan ke? nasi ke nestum ke, pisang ke?". my answer would be "minum susu mak dia pun dah besar ni, xpayahla bagi2 makan kang xlarat nak kendong" :D soooo niceee!!! actually, i don't wanna give them a free lecture about feeding an exclusively breastfeed baby. and if you are thinner, they might think that you got not enough food and paksa me to give you solids. as for me, i wanna breastfeed you exclusively, at least for 6 month and if i could do more than that, i would :)

Pak Uda panggil saya 'Budak Gemuk'. mana ada saya gemuk, saya cuma tough aje!

i guess so, your first month was the most unstable part, for both you and i. with a new you who didn't know me much, and this old young Mommy who still learned to know her son, there's lots of things left unsolved. however, after that phase passed, i feel so relieved. you now recognize me as your Mommy and you started to learn about persons around you. you smile to them when they call you and you smile to Mommy too! but only if i speak English with you.

this one i really don't understand OK! all this while i talk to you in Kelantanese, i called you to smile but you didn't smile, and look blur everytime i talk to you (ignore the natural blurness of a 1-month old baby). but the other night i talk to you in English. know what.. you responded! and you talk to me back in your language! oh God... what had happen to my son. then i started to talk to you in English.. phew~ and you like the song 'eternal flame', that i sing everynite before sleep. you can sleep with the song! bertuah betul!

you really like bathing time with Mommy. even if you're crying out so loud but when i'm putting you in your tub (not a tub actually, it's Mak Tok's small round basin. we bought you a tab and left it at our Miri house), you'll suddenly calm. and smile. hehe. tp tak laratla everytime nangeh nak kene mandikan pulak. plus, your mandi process is not simple. i have to boil the water since we dont have heater and you don't like cool water! have to add the water with 'air tawar', lime and lactacyd. then only you can have your kebush2 session. i did everything myself since you were 2 weeks old :)

bestnya mandi dengan Mommy... alamak sexynye nampak pushat!

brr... sejuuukkkk

and at this age, i like to put you on your tummy and laugh out loud to see your cute actions. you can move your body forward 2-3 inches. hehe. tummy timeee!!! thing you don't like the most :D

warm up sebelum tummy time.

sayaa sediaaaa....!!!

alamak, apsal tak begerak pon!


fuhh.. akhirnya. berjaya juga sampai ke garis penamat!

the maternity leave has come to the end. consume up my annual leave & put my unpaid leave application on my boss's table (Abiy did actually). hopefully he has a heart to approve my leave, or i'll go to work carrying my baby!