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we went to see Dr Awang for my pap smear test & family planning consultation.

[this info i got totally from that almost-20-years experience gynae and not referring to other sources.]

he didn't suggest me to get pregnant again unless after Hafiy reaches 6 month old. there's several contraception methods (i start with the most-not-recommended-for-me one):

1. natural methods
2. IUD
3. implant
4. birth control pill
5. injection

natural mtds including condom, withdrawal & 'waktu selamat', Dr. Awang didn't recommend to us since the percentage of being 'accidentally' pregnant is high.

the IUD & implant are also not recommended for us coz we're the parents of one, he said he'll recommend this one if we already have several kids, and don't mind if we won't have more kids. it's because of the risk of 'tersangkut di daging & bernanah' of the IUD that might cause of permanently infertile & high cost of implant if we finally decide to conceive before its 'expiry date', which is between 3-5 years.

several birth control pills may affect milk production, especially the new one in the market, because it's still not proven. he recommended mercilon, the on that has been in the market since last 30 years, and may not affect milk production.

he suggested to take depo-provera injection. the advantage is, it is 3-monthly injection, may stop at anytime and will increase milk production. however,the hormone may 'disturb' my normal body system, i might have very irregular menstruation (say, 3 times period in a month) for the first few months, and i might not have my period after 1-2 year. and it's also will increase my body weight. and it have 'compounded effect', may take time to conceive even if after stopping the injection. and if it's happen, fertilization pill may be given.

however, because i am breastfeeding, the effect of it for the first 4 months is same as taking birth controll pill, where i have 1:1000 chance of being pregnant. so he didn't put anything on me until Hafiy is 4 month old.

we still don't decide about it. however, if it's not by natural method, we might consider depo-provera injection (the INCRESING MILK PRODUCTION attracts me).

pap smear? owh, the test to detect cervical cancer is very2 disturbing! it's a bit hurt, and cos blood stain on my pant*es.... thing he used to 'open' me is SOOO big ok!