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My Healthy Baby

last nite we slept in the living room. i didn't want to wake abi up since he slept solemnly on the small beddy here. it was for a single person only but i wanted to hug him so i slept beside him on the small space. you know, any guy (i guess) when sleeping the went to another world. incidentally abi poked you in my tummy by his leg. it wasn't hard but i still can feel it.
for the whole i was thinking, what happen to you? are you ok? it was because i still can't feel you slightly. and... now i know how smart my baby is.
you kicked everything away from my stomach and bring me a all-day-long headache. until i have to sleep during lunch time and went to the office only at 4.00pm (office hour ends at 4.30). ok.. now i surrender. you are a very smart unborn baby!