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craving for fastfood

my early pregnancy was very challenging. i didn't like food i would have everyday. even worse, i couldn't cook. i couldn't smell the aroma of nasik especially the cafe one. eeeieiiiii~~~ (rasa nak termuntah plak).

as stated, i loved pizza and other fasfoods.. (i could finish 3 slices, usually one slice full already+ the soup + others) and junkfood as well. i knew i shouldn't take them but i really couldn't even smell the nutritious nasik, mee, or even anything! and carbonated drinks.. until hubby have to set the limit to have it once a week (but i always curi2 minum. ekekeke).

the worst was last week, even i couldn't swallow the pills. i used to swallow 2 pills at the same time but last week i have to swalloe one by one and the big one i still couldn't. so i didn't take the big pills. (lucky acid folic & calcium are not big)

after coming back from brunei, i felt normal. i couldn't eat more than 1 slice of pizza, nor clean up the soup bowl and had to struggle to eat KFC chicken. hmm... looks like my baby is getting bored eating fastfood. but, unfortunately he also refuses to drink milk! phew~ should find a substitute la nampaknya...