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My Bottle & I

i remember long ago, Mommy has introduced me to bottle. it was Avent one. i was very small and innocent that time [i was only a week, what would i know by then?], so i simply accept the Avent's teat. Mommy was very happy tht time, coz she could leave me, whenever she wanted to do other things in house, or went out.

and because of this, she felt relief, and sometimes gave 'free advice' to her friends who just about to intro bottles to their babies.

yeah, i was OK then, but without anybody knows, i'm still looking for a good time to reject it. hey, it's weird if i'm suddenly reject bottle huh. so i wait for suitable time or any incident that can give me a way! yesss, you know wut, it was a time when Mommy was in deep depression. someone sounds 'mad' at her & told her that it is TOTALLY UNFAIR to give me bottle while she was around. she should wait until 2-3 days before she gets to work, then give bottle to me. then she stopped giving me bottle for a whole week.

guess what, then my time to say bye-bye to silicon teat! my first winning was when Mommy wanted to take shower while i was sleeping. it was Mak Tok there, few second later i woke up and ask for food. Mak Tok gave me bottle, and i screamed "noooooooooooo!!! i don't want this! i want my Mommy!!!" then i heard Mak Tok called Mommy [just came out from bathroom] and asked her "what's wrong with this boy? i think you bottle-train him everyday". then i heard Mommy answered "i did, Mak. but i stopped it last week because **** told me...". "why do you like to listen to other people? look at your son, how if you're not around?" Mak Tok gave Mommy free lecture. then Mommy confidently said "no la, Mak. he knows i'm around. that's why he refuses. if i'm not home he'll be OK".

hehehe. Mommy thought she was smart, but i'm smarter than her.

later, i totally say no to silicon teat. but since my Mommy is a type of 'setenang air di tasik jgn disangka tiada buaya, and very optimistic, the told everyone that "Hafiy xmo sbb Mami dia ada dekat...". hehe.. i should teach her some lessons...

one wonderful morning, Mommy wanted to go out to town for some business. she left me with my Nyang, with 3 bottles-of-4oz-each EBM. she said to Paksu, "if the milk is not enough, please call me".

i knew she has a very great time out.

when she came back in the late afternoon, i celebrated her with loud cry.

Nyang told her that i don't want to drink any drop. i looked at Mommy, she seemed wants to cry. ah, i don't care what she wanted to do. i just wanted my meal... yummy~~~

the following days are the most stressful moment in my Mommy's life. i even didn't want to 'look at' the bottle. and if she forced, i'll throw all the milk out. padan muke Mami bazir susu dia.... hihihi~

Mommy & Abiy tries everyting to make me fall in love back with expressed milk:,

1. leave me at her Aunty's house for several days.
FAIL. even the tok aunties became stress to see me yelled ;P

2. change bottles

from this

Mommy bought a set of Avent bottles. now become her pumping gear and to store her milk. hehe.

and this

bought by Mak Tok. she said Avent's teat is big and this one is better. but both i rejected, haha! [after the incident]

to this

Mommy thought i refused because of Avent's flow, so she bought this teat, Pigeon Peristaltic which will only flow when i suck. Mommy was so sure that i'd be OK cos my other friends, Faatih & Adam are OK with this teat.

me? ahaks.

and she changed to...

...this one...

... after consultation with Aunt Fid. abang Akif [his son] also declare war to silicon teat & still using this bottle. Auntie Fid said "agaknya all Hafiys don't like silicon teat :D"

but i don't like cos Mommy tersilap beli. should be ones that she has to press to get the milk to flow. this one, the milk flows continuously. [but this is the only unit left in the shop] usually it goes into my nose. bahaya wooOoOOoo!

so Mommy decided to wait until i can sit by myself to continue with this bottle.

so she bought..


actually she wanted to buy Adiri bottle, cos the shape is like breast. but when she went to susuibu.com's shop, Puan Kamariah, the owner said, she doesn't recommend this bottle. cos it tips is hard.

then, Aunty Shasuya suggested a cheaper one. Breastflow The 1st Year. it soft, and i like to play with it. but not as my feeding gear :D

Mommy's ones is irreplaceable!

then she tried this

what is this? yuck!

and finally..

Abiy's office gave this set a gift to me.

but the result is still the same :P

Mommy's friend, Auntie Faizah suggestes to try cross-feeding teat. i guess, Mommy would call her to order one. hahaha.

actually, it is not about the flow, or whatever Mommy think is. it is because i don't want to drink from other source except hers. Mommy keeps on trying and i keep on rejecting. Mommy, a easy-to-melt-hearted one, she cannot tahan to hear my cry. when she gives me bottle and i cry, she stop giving me bottle. when it happen everyday, she gets tired, [tired of warming, washing, strelizing...] but she's a very positive mother. she convince herself that i'm gonna be OK. every single day she talk to me and say "Mommy's going to work soon.. you have to drink from bottle OK. Mommy's gonna be very busy and can't come back to feed you". me? how do i care...

since the time is very close for her, Abiy insist Mommy to bottle-train me, with different bottles, intensively. but there goes my Mommy... she's firm enough, but she can't help when i cry like 'nak pecah anak tekak'. and, at my side, i'm very firm too. even if i'm hungry but i just want my Mommy's, not the bottle.

but yesterday, was a history. Mommy let Abiy to bottle-train me, and she went to God knows where. i screamed, but Abiy kept on pushing the teat into my mouth. i didn't want to suck, but he pressed the teat so that the milk flowed. i cried, but he didn't stop. i coughed, but the teat was still in my mouth. and he also babap me. oh my... it was horrible, and i don't want to imagine if it's happen again. [lucky Mommy wasn't there, or else, she might took my picca!]

i got my lesson... don't cry/scream during bottle-training. if Abiy is there, i'm gonna die! yesterday evening, when Mommy offered me bottle, i grab and put the teat inside my mouth. and today also, i didn't scream anymore. but only 1/7 goes into my belly. the other portion goes onto my shirt. hehe. okla tu, at least Abiy won't give me a commando-like training.

hey, don't call me naughty, it's my preference OK... hey, if your favourite food id pizza, then someone comes and asks you to change your favourite food to capati, would you do it? i know i have to drink Mommy's milk from bottle, but since the time is not end yet, couldn't i utilize it? after all, Aunt Fid said, a baby who has bottle refusal is smart! yeah, that's ME!

belakon je ni...

...tobat dah saye xmo nangis time bottle-training.

*Mak Ngah saya tak minum botol. beliau menunggu sehinnga Mak Tok saya balik dari kerja pukul 5 baru dia mamam. tabah bukan?